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  1. moriko

    Good morning, sweet FAF babies.

    Welcome centipede, may you creepy crawl your way around threads with enjoyment.
  2. moriko

    VigLink - what data does it collect?

    If you put it that way it's even worse. :x Creative imagination here: "Oh HI FAF :D Nice day, eh? Oh lookie here, a cool link to this product I might like *click* ~~Ominous person starts hovering over your shoulder~~ *Click click* ~~heavy breathing~~ *click click* Hmm, guess it wasn't as good as...
  3. moriko

    What are you into?

    Some of you must have plenty of food on hands, because you feed the easiest to determine trolls instead of letting threads go dead or the person even getting banned. I thought this thread was a joke and didn't even bother looking at it until it hit the 4th page... I read the topic and the first...
  4. moriko

    VigLink - what data does it collect?

    Of course they would never do it just for that reason :V...
  5. moriko

    Connection Issues: www.furaffinity.net inaccessible

    Well if multiple browsers are blocking you, yet you can physically reach it using ping, it sounds like something between you and the server (or the server itself) is blocking specific ports only. This could be done by a router, your isp, fa's server, or even your browser (Yes multiple browsers)...
  6. moriko

    VigLink - what data does it collect?

    Thanks this worked. NoScript no longer shows viglink as trying to do anything on the FA main site. :D Edit: Forums still do it. Is there a place to do the same on the forums?
  7. moriko

    How has FaF changed you as a person since you've joined?

    Gave me a place to fully express my opinions and logic, since there's so many socially grey-area topics that seem to pop up on here along with people with strong opinions on them.
  8. moriko

    Someone explain this, and someone explain it -now-

    To try and keep on topic, and this has possibly been brought up or thought about. Is it common to have an internal copy of a website, not open to the outside to test code changes for problems? I understand that certain connections needed to be made out/inbound, but I would think it would have...
  9. moriko

    Someone explain this, and someone explain it -now-

    PLEASE READ: EVEN if you opt out at viglink's website. If you clear your cookies, it will automatically Opt you back in. The Opt out feature only works for those with the opt out cookie. So anyone that clears their temporary internet files or cookies once in a while will need to revisit that opt...
  10. moriko

    Someone explain this, and someone explain it -now-

    Friend that offers you to play games with him using his games told you he totally wouldn't take your lunch when you aren't looking. Teachers say taking other kids lunches is bad and will get you in trouble! Friend totally takes your lunch. Actually I'm not sure that's good.... Older than 5...
  11. moriko

    Extra Life Help

    I can see it now. What FAF community creates during 24 hours of Minecraft on a server for extralife
  12. moriko


    Catching a fish without getting wet, bigger achievement! Thanks for the doodle X3
  13. moriko

    Someone explain this, and someone explain it -now-

    dumbed down version: FA states it doesn't track where you go when leaving FA, nor even actively collect data within FA, but is apparently doing the first, which apparently is against Federal law if you state you are not doing it.
  14. moriko


    http://www.furaffinity.net/user/morikokono/ Hmm might be cause the username is different between the two sites? I'll have to check that.
  15. moriko


    lol these are all to cute. Only example of moriko I have is on my fa. As for a situation, maybe of her non anthro dripping wet with a fish in her mouth? If that's to complicated then just do whatever I'm sure it'll end up cute. :D
  16. moriko

    need help unblocking furaffinity website

    I think the only place here that offers more than 1.5 for $20 is the Special rate for 6 months that turns into $40-60 for the rest of your contract.
  17. moriko

    If you ever had children/do have children, would you....

    Some interesting responses here when compared to responses about the sexuality support a lot of people received from their parents. Times change, opinions change. As with anything that does not harm others or my kid (If I have one), I'd be supportive in their decision, regardless of whether...
  18. moriko

    The End of Summer

    Prepping for that big kids school thing. I think they call it yooh-nee-verse-city
  19. moriko

    The Government's take on Capitalism and Free Market enterprise.

    To me it seems that they are complaining that they can't make use of public grounds to sell lemonade. Using selling lemonade as a popular past time of young kids to make money. If they gave the lemonade for free, without advertising towards any specific company they might not have had so many...
  20. moriko

    The Government's take on Capitalism and Free Market enterprise.

    Stupidity of some people... Hai guys I'm going to come borrow your public property for my own profit ignoring any possible rules/permit requirements set by the county/city/state. :V Things like this: http://uscode.house.gov/download/pls/40C51.txt search "Sale of articles"