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  1. Arden

    Music that goes with your character

    Arms of the angel : Sarah Magillian Animal I have become: Three Days Grace
  2. Arden

    re appearing topics

    wow ...ok I wasn't expecting this much of turnout ^.^ heh heh... yeah I didn't make this as a whiner thread ... just more of a matter of oppinion :P wait that is whining isn't it?
  3. Arden

    *Blush* Hi!

    well I'd like to read the story once you're done with it ^.^ heh heh
  4. Arden

    Orgasmic Foods

    WHITE COCOLATE!!!!!*twitching with big grin on face*
  5. Arden

    *Blush* Hi!

    ^.^ hello fellow Author ^.^ *dramatic tone* Welcome to FurAffinity *end dramatic tone*
  6. Arden

    Howdy Howdy Howdy

    Welcome to Furnation :P
  7. Arden

    Grand Theft Auto IV

    GTA fan ^.^ I've played and beaten all the older GTA's ... and got the Midnight release for the PS3 ..... anyone want to try multiplayer with me can add jiscyl to thier Buddy lists ^.^ but yeah as for like ness of GTA I love to do huge jumps and high speeds, run over peds without a...
  8. Arden

    Would you like to be an animal?

    I wouldn't mind being able to change into an animal ... but there's a reason I'm human so I might as well complete this world as one :P
  9. Arden

    When and how did you first realise you where a furry?

    I was a thereian first around 9th grade :P .... decided hangin out with furs = fun so yeah ....
  10. Arden

    Talk!: What are you and thoughts

    *sets up "animal I have become : Three days grace"* well in short : I have my spiritual connection to snow leopards , and I sort of made it my furry life style , though I can still differentiate between the real world and this fur world ... thats why sometimes I might seem like a jerk when...
  11. Arden

    Congratulations En Den and Bombchu

    ^.^ I might not know either of you two but eh *two thumbs up* Congrats to ya both
  12. Arden

    re appearing topics

    ok if this is a repeat then wow I love irony... but I find it slightly annoying that I see repeating topics on here ... and I'm wondering if anyone else feels the same ... but then again if you don't then go ahead and feel free to bash all ya want :P ^.^
  13. Arden

    Real Books

    woo ^.^ apperently people are gettin it *gives cookies to all* :P I found another one : Cycle of the Werewolf : Steven King
  14. Arden

    Real Books

    well it was really supposed to be like , list the books that you have read that involves , werewolves/ shape shifters .... ok so I sucked at starting this thread >.< but hey it was my first
  15. Arden

    what furry are you ? * points*

    I = Snow Leopard ^.^ :P
  16. Arden

    Real Books

    well any kind of werewolf book , or one's that deal with old legends :P or actual furry books ^.^ heh heh
  17. Arden


    geez .... ok a friend like that really isn't a friend ... ok ... in short this has happened to me twice in my life (once because I thought the person would change, and the Second because that friend was just trying to get close and spread shit about me [pardon the language]) anyway ... in...
  18. Arden

    What would you buy?

    .... nothing.... i'd put that 500 away for a car at my current status... but if I had to buy something .... maybe a few 360 and PS3 games
  19. Arden

    Real Books

    yay first topic.... alright I don't know if this is a repeat or not, Name any books that you can say have note worthy praise for legends on (werewolves, morphs, or shapeshifters...ect.ect.) two that I found were , Year of the Leopard Song : (can't remember author) The Blooding...
  20. Arden

    How's This?

    better than me :P