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  1. Jenzo770

    Not new but still

    So yeah, hello everybody. I'm baack No one knows me, no one remembers me anyways, but I'll try out the forums again, since I don't have anything to do.
  2. Jenzo770

    Woohoo, Finally done!

    Hey everybody I didn't really knew where to put this thread, so i guess this'll do. I'm finally done with the first chapter of my story, and i have uploaded it on Furaffinity. Please read it and leave comments on what can improve, since I intend to continue the story...
  3. Jenzo770

    Art request for project

    Hello guys I need some art for a project "Furry Counter-strike", and since I can not draw, I'm aksing one of you to do it. The only thing i want is a pic of my fursona in a Counter-Strike outfit. It's a Foxcoon, and looks like this: http://furry.wikia.com/wiki/Image:Tansunn.jpg (not my fursona...
  4. Jenzo770

    Merry... what?

    Hiya, once again, i'm here to post another ridiculus unneccesary thread. But, noone else has done it, and it IS Christmas tomorrow, so... Merry Christmas everyone! Remember: This is the holiday for deer friends =D
  5. Jenzo770

    If you woke up and everyone BUT you were a furry

    I am so sorry, but i just couldn't let my idea fly xD So what would you do then? You can see this as every furs now continue to be a human, like the first thread, but the other way around. Or you can take it as you are the only "human" human
  6. Jenzo770

    Ya wanna some swedish learning?

    Hello everyone. After reading the thread "what languages do you speak?" i've understand some of you want to learn swedish. Very well, I will do my best at it. Unfortunaly, i don't even know how to begin with a full, swedish, lesson. Therefore, I want all of you to put phrases or words you want...
  7. Jenzo770

    What animal am I?

    Yesyes, it is the same title as the other one, nut i couldnt come up with anything else. I wonder if some of you could help me with my fursona by telling me what animal I look like the most. And if anyone of you would draw me a picture of it, I would be really happy, thanks.
  8. Jenzo770

    Hello!! IM new, BITE ME^^

    Well, as i said, im new^^ Jenzo770 at your service, but You can call me Marcs