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  1. foxkun

    Sooo... are there any Seattle cons?

    So I'm planning on heading to Seattle at some point this year to visit friends (not sure when), but I haven't found any fur cons in the area, and wanted to know if anyone knew of any. I'll probably also stop over in San Fran if there's any California cons. I'm also going to ACen and Archon...
  2. foxkun


    Mmmmm....sushi.... Nothing like savoring raw fish, at least for us carni/omnivores ^,^ Do you like it? Hate it? What's your favorite kind? Have you yet to try it? did you know that sushi is actually the rice, not the fish? The fish is sashimi :3 My personal favorite sashimi is yellowtail...
  3. foxkun

    I'm bored tonight. Make me draw!

    Edit: I'm making this easier, yay! People who have asked for a pic (not a guaruntee if you are, that's in the wip section): Horrorshow K9Fantasy: Picking a character Maxine Zero: hasn't responded again (?) Charem IcyWind1980 Orlith Nemeth (working on details :3 ) Ravenheart Shinigami-Whistle...
  4. foxkun

    Yum, plagarism goodness.

    I present to you a link: http://forums.somethingawful.com/showthread.php?threadid=2416213&perpage=40&pagenumber=1 This link will explain most of it, if you don't normally read a lot of webcomics. Mainly that Todd Goldman (ever hear of David and Goliath t-shirts?) is probably going to have his...
  5. foxkun

    The big 500?

    My pageviews are currently at 407. I'd like to do something nifty for 500, but I'm not sure what to do. Any suggestions?
  6. foxkun


    And yea, didest thine Lord sayeth, "Thou shalt not give foxkun caffeine, for therein he shalt be hyperest of thine most high, andeth jittery, and, yea, the most holy of goofiness. And, lo, he shalt never, ever, shut the hell up." My Dr. two years ago said "No caffiene." Mainly because too much...
  7. foxkun

    NFWS critique needed.

    I always find it amusing that even when I'm drawing pronz it's more like, "I dunno... I don't think that arm/shoulder looks right." Anatomy ho! The two pieces for critique are here and here. If you need to delineate which you're critiquing, fox and dragon work just fine for me. Problems...
  8. foxkun

    Official Starving Artist.

    Yup, it's official. I went to the bank today and I have less than $20 in my account. My check comes on Friday and all of it will go to bills. What does that mean? I'm whoring my artwork! My art site is http://www.furaffinity.net/user/foxkun/ My commision info is there as well, but I'm...
  9. foxkun

    I arted!

    I was hesitant to post anything up yet, since I didn't have any art on my site so you wouldn't know what to look at. However my friend gracefully lent me his scanner, so now I have art stuffs to show off. I'm open for commissions and trading and so forth, unfortunately not for digital color...
  10. foxkun

    Pokin' mah head in

    Howdy! So I was on here about three weeks ago but the computer decided it didn't want me to post on the forums. Naughty computers.... Anyway, I'm Foxkun, bet you can't guess what I am. I'm all original like that, really. Actually I'm silver dragon, but they're having a conflict of...