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  1. Busterdrag

    Connection Issues: Site is down for me.

    Same thing over here, and since yesterday I might add.
  2. Busterdrag

    Bug/Site Problem: Site Support and FAQ

    Yeah, same thing over here. Cloudflare server in Frankfurt is up but the Host, ie. FA is not responding, and it did this since yesterday. Though yesterday I could get pages to load now and then. Now it seems just completely down.
  3. Busterdrag

    White Screen

    Got a white screen too. For the second time these days.
  4. Busterdrag

    Notes Problem: Can't see the note

    Ahhh, thanks guys. I checked the saved and outbox folder before, but not the deleted folder. And thats where it was. :3
  5. Busterdrag

    Notes Problem: Can't see the note

    My inbox says I have one unread PM, but when I go to my inbox, it shows no unread messages. Is there actually an unread PM and FA won't show it to me or is this a bug?
  6. Busterdrag

    site down :<

    If its actually becuase of the photomeme, Ill laugh my ass off. XD
  7. Busterdrag

    Submission Problem: Can't Submit & upload mp3 (6.97MB)- :V

    Same here, but with .wav files.
  8. Busterdrag

    Site Outage?

    Okay, now it works. <.=.< >.=.>
  9. Busterdrag

    Site Outage?

    Same here.
  10. Busterdrag

    "Furaffinity will not be up tonight (that is, Monday)" discussion

    Gah... First thing I expected when going on this thread was trolls. And what do I see. Trolling furries. Seriously, if you wanna fuck around and make fun of people trying to bring FA back, then you can fuck off and die. Or at least move your ass over to some chan board, were you...
  11. Busterdrag

    Server Hardware Fault

    Man, FA has some more serious probleme than normal, and soon the fucking trolls apear on the surface, bashing Dragoneer for shits and giggles. You guys need to be beaten with a stick full of rusty nails. Anyway, while I like the 1$ idea, it puts people like me in distress, becuase where I...
  12. Busterdrag

    FA Down Again?

    OMG, calm down everyone. Yeah, its an DDoS. How tragic. Do something else with your time, I mean, its Christmas, goddammit. Sooner or later, the server will be back online (mostly later). Until then, do something else. The coding monkeys of FA will take care of the problem. And after some...
  13. Busterdrag

    Fur Affinity beta test thread.

    Works fine. No problems yet.^^