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  1. The DK

    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    Just picked up Dead Space 2
  2. The DK

    *waves* ohai c:

    Its been indeed a long day but the night always looks to be better.
  3. The DK

    Interesting Story

    Even so... still a bad idea
  4. The DK

    Interesting Story

    I love dumb state laws... so many are just pointless but still why wave a gun around anyways : /
  5. The DK

    What is your current living situation?

    Well lets see... i live with my ex girl friend until the lease is up and when she has guys over im ther gay roommate whom she has never slept with lol
  6. The DK


    But why lurk...youll post for a while then kind of just... hang out not lurk lol
  7. The DK

    How "furry" is your furry?

    he has a maw, a tail, and is covered in fur.... you know a standard furry
  8. The DK

    Which should I get?

    Theres just so much on the 360 to get and the 3ds is just starting out and has limited games and even then the good ones are just games you can get on other systems. (ie Orcarina of Time and Street Fighter)
  9. The DK


    Fay i love you is it to late for you to be my Valentine :3
  10. The DK

    What would be your last words?

  11. The DK

    "That's so gay"

    I know its been said but..... that is so gay.
  12. The DK

    Where are you from?

    The bible belts southeastern US...... yeah i laugh about that a lot.
  13. The DK

    Suiting with medical issues.

    You should always have someone else with you to be your handler, they save lives!!!
  14. The DK

    Meeting other furries IRL

    I do, meet them on this site and we hang out every now and again. Actually set up a fur meet for this weekend to get other in the area to come out.
  15. The DK

    Are most furries actually virgins?

    Been virgin free for almost a decade
  16. The DK

    Do you eat ice cream in the winter?

    Yeah, in the winter there is a limited edition ice cream call Santas White Christmas i find and it is delcious as hell
  17. The DK

    Being naked

    I keep my nudity mostly to myself and who ever im with at the time.... everyone else can just see me in boxers.
  18. The DK

    I love my dumb laws, whats yours?

    You know that is the bad thing about most of these.... someone had to do it in order for it to become a law stating you cant do something.
  19. The DK

    I love my dumb laws, whats yours?

    and some more It is perfectly legal to beat your wife on the court house steps on Sundays. Every adult male must bring a rifle to church on Sunday in order to ward off Indian attacks. The Fire Department may blow up your house. Horses are to wear pants at all times.
  20. The DK

    So out of all of you, how many are actually firearm owners?

    Its called a Bayonette Gibbs jeez