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  1. BryanB

    Oh god, made my mother cry :\

    Yeah, we were arguing basically because she (and my dad) are letting themselves get pushed around by some cranky lady for chump's change. Today, they went very early (before I even woke up) and cleaned her entire house for like 9 hours and they earned a grand total of $15! This is just one of...
  2. BryanB

    Rosita (Polka)

    Has anyone attempted to play this for the guitar? It sounds awesome (from the midi tracks I've heard) but it's also damn hard. Here's the music sheet if anyone has nothing better to do and wants to try this >.> http://img297.imageshack.us/img297/2613/rp1jz9.gif...
  3. BryanB

    Oh man, Danish cookies are soo good

    Just got a big can full of them o_o
  4. BryanB

    Agghh! So much termites!!

    Those damn termites (the flying type) are taking over my frikkin house! I killed so damn much of them and sprayed raid all over and I'm about to lose it >.<
  5. BryanB


    Woo! I finally gained the strength to register! So far so good, I like it. Been a furry quite a while. Too bad I can't draw worth crap, oh well! *salutes*