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  1. Yena

    Looking for someone to fursonify someone...

    I'm looking for an Otter. Basically, I need a good "PB & J" Style, or the soft style, nothing sexual. Show me your style, please. This is a present for someone and I'm paying. Afterwards just PM me and we'll handle it from there.
  2. Yena

    Advice, anyone?

    I'm really aiming to become a better artist. Right now, I have an outline for a feral fox(Hoping to make it look female) And I'm confident with everything except the backside. Are the legs okay, and how should I draw the butt, since I haven't done it yet? Oh, and I suppose it's SFW...
  3. Yena


    Yena! Gender: Male Species: FERAL 60% Wolf, 40% hyena Eye colour: Both a beautiful azure blue Fur & Appearance:Size of an average quadruped wolf. Dark Mocca brown/Brick red fur all over, lighter near the shoulders and on the eartips. His tail is really long and puffy, he can even use it as a...
  4. Yena

    H-hi there, everyone.

    I am Yena. That is all I need to say. I uh. Well, one word that can describe me is butts. I. Love. Butts. Yeah, I look at yiff even at my age, but... nothing beats butts. Sure, I eat deliciously scrumptious meaty foods, but nothing beats butts. I don't know why, but the rear, the hind, the...