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  1. PlusThirtyOne

    Main Site Red icons appearing on screen while browsing and switching tabs

    Whenever i'm browsing art submissions with multiple tabs, i'll occasionally catch a glimpse of some red images/symbols appear around the border of the entire page, but only for about a second or 2 before they disappear so i haven't been able to capture a screenshot of it or even identify what...
  2. PlusThirtyOne

    'Sonas, self-inserts, and identity in general - How much of YOU is furry?

    Forgive me for being so forward but- This video is an excellent example of why i'm too terrified to share my artwork with anyone, even online with fellow furries. People tend to make a lot of reaching conclusions about creators and their works. i find it frustrating when people stick me with...
  3. PlusThirtyOne

    is 2020 a time to "reset" for everyone else?

    EDiT : This isn't a "me" thread. it's a general question for the board. i moved out of my "past life" and moved in with family and i'm turning over a new leaf. Before i even got around to informing my friends with my new contact into, i noticed that every other person i know personally and/or...
  4. PlusThirtyOne


    i r goste. am bak frum ded.
  5. PlusThirtyOne

    FAF reeeeeally wants mic access. (Firefox, Android) Why?

    Firefox on Android reeeeally wants to "record audio" for some reason but ONLY on FAF; no other sites, not FA. Every single page asks for mic permission. Obviously i didn't give it.
  6. PlusThirtyOne

    Acupuncture is one of the biggest "medical" scams. Any of you had any "success" with it?

    PLEASE tell me i'm not the only one who understands that this shit is fabricated nonsense! My parents are trying to get me to try acupuncture and i'm refusing because it's all made up crap that has NO base in science based medicine. They're insisting on paying for it so they think that makes it...
  7. PlusThirtyOne

    i WANT to start posting comics in COLOR but i need some input!

    For the last few weeks, i've been colorizing my comic. Originally the plan was to save time by coloring only certain pages, either to emphasize importance or show off something special. As it turns out, trying to make gray scale elements that work together and balance contrast is actually a...
  8. PlusThirtyOne

    What's the pettiest reason you've removed an artist/writer from your watch list?

    Lately i've been removing artists because of their recent notifications cluttering my inbox. -that's it. For instance, a while back i unwatched someone for re-uploading the same "Now Streaming!" banner and nothing else for a month and a half. i unwatched someone else because they've been...
  9. PlusThirtyOne

    Recovering (or finding) post-nuked comments from my inbox - How?

    Let's say -for the sake of scenario- that i logged in, checked my messages and impulsively NUKED all the comments in my inbox without reading them first. How can i figure out what i missed? Strangely enough the BACK in my browser sometimes works to backpedal immediately after the goof but what...
  10. PlusThirtyOne

    VR game/app recommendations (Samsung VR + PC)

    My local Goodwill had a bunch of Samsung Gear VR sets for only a couple bucks so i nabbed one on a whim. When i got home and did some reading i made the pleasant discovery that through some apps, emulation, tweaking and some patience, i can essentially use my new Galaxy S8 en leu of an Oculus...
  11. PlusThirtyOne

    April Fools' pranks around the web! (2018) What did i miss?

    i was really underwhelmed this year. Very few of my usual YouTuber subscriptions did anything. None of my usual sites did anything (i think) and the few that did, their "pranks" were super weak. The only one i liked wasn't even specifically for April first. i guess Waldo has been hiding on...
  12. PlusThirtyOne

    What is the oldest (expired) thing you've ever eaten?

    Back in 2004 i got a job working retail. in the break room in the back there was a Diet Coke can on top of the fridge shoved way in the back. Something about the can's design looked different and i thought it was some sort of promotional design. it sat back there for the entirety of the six...
  13. PlusThirtyOne

    SELF censorship (ie: not being a twat)

    i used to be good at censoring myself. My extended family is moderately religious so i'm used to toning down crass jokes, minding my language and tip-toeing around all the "that's what she said" comments i could possibly make. -Which is unfortunately A LOT. My brother-in-law is deeeeeeply pious...
  14. PlusThirtyOne

    We made anime real and i'm living in it! LOL

    Anime is real. Fuck you! :V ( My digs @ 1:08 )
  15. PlusThirtyOne

    Do you use your Wacom for more than just drawing?

    Do you navigate files on your computer? Surf the web? Play games? Do you do so in between drawings and taking breaks or do you use your pen casually without art apps even open? Obviously if you've got a Cintique, why wouldn't you? -But i mean screenless tablets; Bamboo, intuos, dare i say...
  16. PlusThirtyOne

    My phone is useless to me thanks to jerkoffs spoofing my number!

    My cell phone gets upwards of 3-5 calls and texts EVERY DAY at ALL HOURS from different numbers; most of which i'm sure are spoofs. i'm sure of this because i've gotten hundreds of calls from 555-5555 for instance and a small percentage of unsolicited calls and texts i get are from honest people...
  17. PlusThirtyOne

    Wacom Bamboo can't draw on Windows10??

    This shit is absolutely infuriating! i finally got around to installing my Wacom Bamboo so i can get back to work on my comics but now my pen doesn't want to work half the time. i upgraded from Win7 to Win10 so i have NO idea what the problem is or how to fix it. The pen seems to work okay half...
  18. PlusThirtyOne

    New PC built! ...but 1 HDD (of 4) isn't cooperating with Win10 - *SOLVED!*

    Goddamit, i wish i didn't have to keep asking such "noobish" questions... So, i finally got all the parts for my new desktop yesterday, spent all night getting it built and installed, got all the software, art apps and Wacom ready to go back to work. But then something unexpected happened: One...
  19. PlusThirtyOne

    Favorite food/restaurant you can't get anymore

    it's not around anymore, obviously, but when i was still in school, there was a really good Chinese restaurant in town called Dragon's Gate that made THE BEST kungpao chicken. i've not been to a single other place that prepared it the same way There weren't even veggies in it aside from finely...
  20. PlusThirtyOne

    My desktop is dead/dying and i have no OS to fall back on... HALP!!

    To put it bluntly, my desktop is on the brink of death and i can only HOPE it's software related. My computer keeps BSoDing randomly for no apparent reason and i haven't been able to figure out why. Two minutes, ten minutes or two full hours; there's no way of knowing how long until the...