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  1. zyther kaldrok

    kubrow fursona

    so um i was wondering has anyone made a kubrow (from warframe) fursona? there like a mixture of a bird and a canine
  2. zyther kaldrok


    so i guess agony is hot garbage i was really excited for it but from what ive been seeing its just bad and it makes me sad.
  3. zyther kaldrok


    so i just got lotro (lord of the rings online) and was thinking of doing rps on there but im very inexperienced with stuff like that. anybody play or rp on lotro?
  4. zyther kaldrok

    OPEN wizarding world rp

    a new school specifically for anthros has been formed by the ministry it is called dragoch and unlike hogwarts and other schools like it a fellow student known as a representative comes and takes new students with them. what kinds of mysteries will you uncover in this new world of mysticism and...
  5. zyther kaldrok

    harry potter rp

    was thinking of doing a wizarding world rp any ideas?
  6. zyther kaldrok

    looking for peoples to play with

    hiyas im lonely and want to play with peoples on xbox one ill give u my tag in pms
  7. zyther kaldrok

    any furs in the pittsburgh pennsylvania area

    im interested and bored. looking to do a meetup
  8. zyther kaldrok

    the sound of insanity

    we must appease the gods of insanity with sounds of madness. that is the only way we will be spared only music and noises aloud (music videos are fine though)
  9. zyther kaldrok

    horror movie rp

    was just thinkin about doing a purge rp or a slasher movie rp. if we do slasher i guess it would be like some supernatural thing