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  1. JakeTheFoXx

    What do you do?

  2. JakeTheFoXx

    Looking for Pokémon style art of my OC. Budget: $30

    Hey, looking for a specific Pokémon style art of my OC. I have a pose in mind with a simple background. I am flexible on price too for the right artist! Feel free to PM me. Thankies!
  3. JakeTheFoXx

    Thoughts on Yiff

    I have no problem with it, and enjoy the yiff art myself. Im not ashamed of it, but don't go around broadcasting it either. The thing that people outside the fandom seem to forget is that a large number of people (both furries and normies) partake in viewing pornography.
  4. JakeTheFoXx

    Any Florida furs?

  5. JakeTheFoXx

    Any Florida furs?

    Not helpful, but I was born and raised in Fort Walton Beach FL, but no longer live there
  6. JakeTheFoXx

    i'm scared to die

    Not to throw the age card at you, so please don't take it personally, but I used to be terrified of death as well. Especially around your age (about 10 years ago for me). My job exposed me to lots of death and dying and I was able to understand it more. What I tell myself is, this life is real...
  7. JakeTheFoXx

    Am I the only greymuzzle here?

    28, and same. *cries a little*
  8. JakeTheFoXx


    Nice to meet you Patches!
  9. JakeTheFoXx

    (Commission) Selling: EMERGENCY COMMISSIONS AlwaysOpen from venezuela poster-mangacomic-doujinshi NSFW! PhotoManipulations

    Do you have a FurAffinity page? I would like to see more of your work. I am interested
  10. JakeTheFoXx

    Thanks! Had it done by HobieOtt! ^^

    Thanks! Had it done by HobieOtt! ^^
  11. JakeTheFoXx

    Sad fact about your fursona

    *Possible Trigger Warning for Some* Jake had a hard time accepting his sexuality from the time of awareness till he was around 22. At that point he stopped fighting the fact that he was gay. He spiraled down a pit of self hatred and despair and began to consume copious amounts of alcohol. That...
  12. JakeTheFoXx

    The dumbest thing's people get offended/upset over

    I'm also under the impression that this 'Age of Outrage' is really only coming from such a small percentage of the population, but for some reason its prevalence is being portrayed as being larger. Maybe it's just because I'm kind of closed off and work with and are friends with people that are...
  13. JakeTheFoXx

    The dumbest thing's people get offended/upset over

    Yeesh. Being in EMS I know quite a bit of Police Officers. Our department in our area is extremely diverse. A lesbian is the spokesperson and one of the head detectives for our department. There is a trans officer that I know of, and as far as race goes it's a melting pot. Dont get me wrong...
  14. JakeTheFoXx

    What kind of dessert is the user above you?

    Ó_ò looks so good.. want! And you get one of my favorites. The infamous Stroopwafel
  15. JakeTheFoXx

    What kind of dessert is the user above you?

    You are my favorite dessert! Recess Peanut butter cups! ^^
  16. JakeTheFoXx

    heyyy new account <3

    Nice to meet you! Im always looking to follow new artists and experience their art!
  17. JakeTheFoXx

    Limping back in...

    Sorry to hear that man. I know you got a medical discharge, but all in all are you in one piece okay? *hugs*
  18. JakeTheFoXx

    What does the person above you smell like?

    Fresh lemons!