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  1. JakeTheFoXx

    Looking for Pokémon style art of my OC. Budget: $30

    Hey, looking for a specific Pokémon style art of my OC. I have a pose in mind with a simple background. I am flexible on price too for the right artist! Feel free to PM me. Thankies!
  2. JakeTheFoXx

    What is a good digital sketch pad?

    Hey, so I'm currently in the market for a new laptop. My little cousin is going to get surprised with my 2016 MacBook Air. She is quite the little artist, and I want to encourage her to continue to pursue her passion. Me, only being a patron of artists such as yourselves does not know anything...
  3. JakeTheFoXx

    Guilty Pleasures

    Not necessarily a game, but rather post your guilty pleasures. Could be anything from music to food, and anything in between. Here are some of my guilty pleasures: The Mortal Kombat movie (1995) Please feel free to share! Let us revel in our guilty pleasures :)
  4. JakeTheFoXx

    In a Parallel Universe...

    Rules are simple. Start your reply with "In a Parallel Universe" and follow it with a variation either small or big in contrast to the universe we currently occupy. Remember, parallel universes are theorized to be infinite so there are no limits! I'll start! In a parallel universe, brussels...
  5. JakeTheFoXx

    Recommendations on discord servers?

    Hi all, just recently got back into PC gaming (it's been about 15 years lol) and am looking for a fun furry gaming community. I used to use Ventrilo back in the day, but from what it seems, discord is the popular chat program. Can anyone give me some good recommendations? Thanks -Jake
  6. JakeTheFoXx

    Hi, New Here

    Hello all, I am new here! I have always been interested in the Furry community, but just recently made my way over here. I don’t know much about the forums and overall community when it comes to furries, but I have read the forum rules and consider myself to be a common sense creature! So if my...