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  1. Hogo

    Help how do I come up with $750 as a 15 year old I need to put down a deposit for a fursuit

    You need to be honest about what you are able to pay and wait to be able to pay the entire plan in the time you set up with the artist on Etsy. If you don't currently have a source of income that will allow you to meet that plan's payment deadline you should ask the artist if they can honor the...
  2. Hogo

    We Have an Extra Cabin Bed at Furry Takeover [Fontana Dam NC] (9/16-18)

    If anyone is interested in a cheap stay in a cabin who wants to go to a convention in the mountains of NC later this month, we have a place to stay if you need one. The convention is Furry Takeover (https://www.furrytakeover.com/) which takes place in Fontana Dam NC on the weekend of 9/16 to...
  3. Hogo

    Hiring: ($75+) LF Bara Artist for a simple-colors full body Orc OC

    ...If I can remember how to close it.
  4. Hogo

    Hiring: ($75+) LF Bara Artist for a simple-colors full body Orc OC

    Hey thanks everyone for the interest! I found an artist so I'm closing the thread down. Keeping my eyes on everyone who posted/messaged in the future of course!
  5. Hogo

    Hiring: ($75+) LF Bara Artist for a simple-colors full body Orc OC

    I'm looking for an artist who can draw Bara body types, specifically the musclefat body type, for an original character of mine. He's exceptionally hairy as well so looking for the artist to be comfortable with that. Going to lean towards an artist that has examples of larger/hairier types in...
  6. Hogo

    What video game are you playing...

    Still working on Eastward and Bug Fables and Amnesia: Rebirth and a Pokemon HeartGold nuzlocke. I play a lot of games at once so I get through them very slowly.
  7. Hogo

    Psychedelic Rock

    I think my friend recommended this band based on some of the stuff I shared with him and I totally forgot to give them a try. Just listened through without pausing/moving on which from me is high praise, thanks!
  8. Hogo

    Psychedelic Rock

    This last one is a different vibe from the four above cause it's more surf rock than progressive rock but I think it's trippy!:
  9. Hogo

    Earthbound Inspired Games

    Hylics 1 is like Hylics 2 warm up! If you can get past some overworld platforming clunkiness it's a fantastic game. I knew I'd forgotten a suggestion! Great music too, this boss theme is a personal favorite:
  10. Hogo

    Earthbound Inspired Games

    +1 to OFF I forgot about that one. Very Mother 1 vibes. And yeah if you don't like Bethesda made games have no worries about Fallout 1 and 2. It's like night and day compared to 3 and 4, so much more personality and charm and quirkiness in the first two comparatively and the old school 90s...
  11. Hogo

    Earthbound Inspired Games

    I honestly feel like each of the Mother games is fairly different from one another...or at least Mother 3 is pretty different. Eastward is what I thought of when I read the title but I see you are playing it. Undertale: I feel like this recommendation goes without saying? Spiritfarer: It's a...
  12. Hogo


    Very relatable cereal.
  13. Hogo

    So, how have you all been?

    Well to answer your question, this is how life has been going:
  14. Hogo

    What are your favorite hairstyles?

    Men: Bald or unashamedly balding! Women: Long long long hair or really fancy and elaborate hairstyles.
  15. Hogo


    Welcome! Need to know what that cereal is.
  16. Hogo

    What movie(s) have you seen countless times and why?

    Amelie... which is an insanely romantic movie so one wouldn't think it's my cup of tea but just the way it introduces us to even the minor characters, the way Amelie becomes a secret "do-gooder" who goes to wild extremes, the way the movie is washed with this beautiful green/red/blue color...
  17. Hogo

    Date Furries (18+)

    -snip- Nevermind don't think this is the right place to be looking for a relationship for me.
  18. Hogo

    What Are You Listening To?

    Algorithm caught me off guard, this is really good.
  19. Hogo

    What Are You Listening To?

    Check out other stuff from Shygirl I'd say. This one has a similar vibe: Some other songs: