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  1. Kazonking

    Hiring: ($5+) (Hiring) Humanoid Artist

    Hello! I am looking to commission a fairly priced artist that is able to draw male humans. I am looking to turn my physical self into a drawn character. If you are interested, post your info below!
  2. Kazonking


    As the image says, I am doing debut necklace designs for free! Why? Jewelry design has always been something I've enjoyed and I feel it is time to share it with all of you. In the future there will be newer items such as rings, earrings, crowns/tiaras, and even magic infused items. How do you...
  3. Kazonking

    Request: Looking for Artist for Realms Creature Sanctuary

    I am looking for an artist/creature concept artist to help me create the Realms Creature Sanctuary where artists will help create through their artistic creativity to bring creatures to life, with my writing to add to their lore. This project will have the feel of a bestiary in terms of the...
  4. Kazonking

    Looking For Readers!

    Hello everyone! I have been looking for new readers for a few of my novel series I am working on. If you're interested, please check them out, each reader helps me know what I'm doing right or gives me ideas of what I should do. Below is a link to where I am posting my work. Thank you all...
  5. Kazonking

    What Did I Just Make???

    Hello everyone! I was messing around the art program I use and just was randomly using the symmetry ruler to just see what I can make. Well, I created something that was...interesting. I'm going to share it with you all and you can tell me what you think and just well say whatever haha. If...
  6. Kazonking

    Moltasia Story

    Hey everyone, I've posted a the first part of my story called Moltasia on FA. It's a fantasy genre series, but has a some kinky/erotic twists (to put out there before you read). Below is a link to what I have right now, but more will be posted soon! Until then, follow the link below and hope I...
  7. Kazonking

    Sketchbook: Some Digital Work

    Hey everyone, I've had some digital art that I've done during the Covid-19 insanity. Its nothing big but I hope it inspires you and could bring a smile.
  8. Kazonking

    Request: Looking for Possible Art for Kira (OC)

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for possible art for one of my OCs named Kira. If you want to know more, Kira is 19 year old anthro cat fox hybrid that enjoys listening to music, gaming, participating in eating contests, hanging out with friends, and much more. She knows when to be serious but she...
  9. Kazonking

    Sharing Channel

    Hey everyone! I'm creating this post to help share my YouTube channel to all of you. Its called KazonKing Music, which well is kinda self-explanatory there lol. But this is also a post to maybe help you also spread the word on your channel or something as well so others can enjoy the things you...
  10. Kazonking

    Weird Encounter

    Well, today was good and all but with my luck something weird always finds me. When i took out my trash today. I was stopped by some random guy. Of course I thought he might have needed directions. No, he asked me if he could take a pic of my foot. I refused, but then he offered $5 for the pic...
  11. Kazonking

    Writing Stories (SFW AND NSFW)

    Hello everyone, I'm looking to write short SFW and NSFW stories for commissions. I'm trying to make enough money to pay off my university fee which is currently $740. However, I'm not going to charge an arm and a leg. Prices for short stories are $5 per 1000 words for SFW and $7 per 1000 words...
  12. Kazonking

    (Commission) Selling: Music Commissions (Starting at $5)

    Hello everyone, I am open for music commissions. I produce instrumental/classical pieces which you can find examples here on my YouTube channel (link below). Each song produced will be $5 but a deal can be made for multiple songs. This post is mainly to help me with a unexpected fee from my...
  13. Kazonking

    New Song "Welcome To Raccoon City"

    Hey everyone! I finally uploaded the next song to my fan made tribute soundtrack based on the Resident Evil series. Hope you all enjoy it and if you can, leave a comment on the video through YouTube, like, share, subscribe, and keep on notifications for future uploads!
  14. Kazonking


    Check out my new composition called "Nemesis" inspired and a tribute to Resident Evil. Check it out and if you like it, like, subscribe and share!
  15. Kazonking

    Art Trade: Music for Art

    Hey everyone, not too long ago I started a YouTube account creating music that I have written in the past. Of course, this music is instrumental, so no lyrics or anything. However, I wanted to offer anyone interested the opportunity to have a music score done for their fursona or their art...
  16. Kazonking

    "To Adventure" (Original Composition)

    Hey everyone, I posted my first piece (song name in title) on YouTube on my new YouTube channel. There will be more on the way, so check it out and stay tuned!
  17. Kazonking

    More Art!

    Here is some more background art that I've done recently. As mentioned in my comment in my previous scenic art post, these can be used as a setting where your fursona could live, etc. However, if they are used, credit still has to be given. Anyways happy holidays everyone and hope you enjoy!
  18. Kazonking

    The Winter Night

    Hey everyone! Been working on some stories, finished this one not too long ago and wanted to share it with all of you. Hope you enjoy it, leave a comment if you like and/or if you have any ideas for thing I could write. : ) It was cold outside, the snow was falling and winter was showing...
  19. Kazonking


    Hello everyone I'm Kazonking, not really new here but never properly introduced myself on here. I've been a furry since I was 18 (now 24), but wish I would have discovered this earlier. But guess it's better late than never lol. I'm a writer, mainly horror, fantasy, sci-fi, adventure, poetry...
  20. Kazonking

    Scenic Art

    I know this might not be completely fit with anything "furry" but was giving a go with scenic art (since it seems I do way better with that lol). Hopefully you all will enjoy it anyway! I will be trying to practice drawing furry art in the future!