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  1. Auramaru

    Too many canids?

    That’s cute OP's whole post seems to be fluffy, contrarian and - not to mention - passive aggressive. This quote is what got me going, as a panda: "And you’re right about the bear thing. They’re fat, ugly, and perhaps stupid (no offense to do those who have bear sonas.)" - Parabellum3
  2. Auramaru

    Any tips on how to be a furry

    It’s up to you, but people above have already explained most of the good points: furries get bullied a lot just for being furries. Join communities where you can share art and ideas without the backlash and you will be ok. Your parents don’t need to know everything you’re into, nor does anyone...
  3. Auramaru

    Too many canids?

    This thread just looks like big, juicy troll bait. Who cares how many canids there are? Nobody. Except OP apparently.
  4. Auramaru

    A Pandaren enters stage right

    Hello, my name is Auramaru. I have actually been on these forums before, but looking to get more involved with the furry community as of late. I just wanted to step in and say hello although I've been lurking for a little bit recently. Some info about me: I'm 25, I work in IT in Indiana, US, and...
  5. Auramaru

    What are these skull head furries about?

    I'm friends with a couple people who have this as their fursona - most say they were inspired by Elias Ainsworth (from the anime, Ancient Magus' Bride)
  6. Auramaru

    Do you only have furry friends?

    Gotta say, except on FAF, none of my friends (internet or IRL) are furries. Also, not to put myself in the hot-seat, every single furry I talk to just comes off as a total goddamn creep. They're cool on the internet (rarely), but always have to be the most flamboyant, special snowflakes IRL.
  7. Auramaru

    Who is your Favorite Furry Video Game Character?

    Mine actually isn't super involved with sexual attraction, but rule 34 creeps through all things, you know: The Arbiter has always struck me as so, completely badass. I bought Halo Wars Limited Edition simply because he was on the cover (the game case was double-sided [it had no "back"]). I...
  8. Auramaru


    I know. I just thought that I'd explain what the game was like, and those were my thoughts on it. :D
  9. Auramaru


    Hey guys, so I've been traveling a lot within the past week and I found an app that I've really been enjoying called "Micromon". it shamelessly rips elements from Pokemon and other ARPG's, but the convenience of playing on an iPhone is LOVELY. For the playtime you get, the cost is cheap. I...
  10. Auramaru

    Funniest dang story you might laugh at

    I get why it's funny... I just don't think it's funny. EDIT: But we all get those times when our parents don't get the references x_x
  11. Auramaru

    How do/did you make other furry friends?

    I don't usually try to make furry friends, but I've found quite a few furries through videogames. All you have to do, really, is send a message to people who look/sound cool and say "hey, yerr a furrie, yerr kewl, and i liek u". Done.
  12. Auramaru

    parents/family who know you are furry AND DON'T CARE or are actually supportive

    Dunno if commented on here or not, but I'm pretty openly enthusiastic about dragons and my parents don't seem to mind. I don't show them what I write or read about dragons online but... ya know... they probably wouldn't mind... >_> maybe...
  13. Auramaru

    I don't know about you guys...

    I actually don't find much attraction to the fandom. I love the energy the fandom gives off, but I just don't feel obligated to stay active. Ozriel and Sarukai said it fairly well. I've been busy with school, video games, family, and a HUGE coding project. I just don't find much of a point...
  14. Auramaru

    Super Smash Bros.

    Hey everyone, I was looking into the new SSB and my friends and I are already calling out which characters are our favorites. There's a lot of return appearances that I didn't think would be there, but I was wondering what character you guys are pumped to play as? For a list of the confirmed...
  15. Auramaru

    Worst Bosses You've Ever Seen?

    On the planet Phobos, these two assholes: Captain Vor (on right) and Lech Kril (on left). The boss fight consists of Captain Vor spamming death lazers, teleporting up and down flights of stairs, and just killing your team. Once you got him decently low on hp, he would go temporarily...
  16. Auramaru

    Religion in the Furry Community

    Got me there. I forgot we were going to kill off all arguments that didn't apply themselves to the small technicalities. EDIT: Despite the first sentence of my post being an obvious misunderstanding of the exact definition of the word, you could just, ya know, not be a smartass (oh wait, I'm...
  17. Auramaru

    Religion in the Furry Community

    The difference between religion and cults is that a huge majority of people aren't stupid as fuck. It seems that both Atheists and Christians have this idea that they understand something that the other side doesn't. When, in reality, people tend to think about religion just as much as the...
  18. Auramaru

    How does your Fursona define you?

    I was thoroughly obsessed with dragons LONG before I knew about furries (or became the sexual deviant that I obviously am) ;) Gotta say, I just enjoyed the dragon stories I read on fanfiction, found their relationships and their culture interesting (including the culture that thought up the...
  19. Auramaru

    Community's thoughts and opinions on fanfiction?

    Hey guys, so I've been meaning to make this post for a while. I've been really into fanfiction for a few years now, but I'm pretty tame and chill when it comes to what I read and write. I was curious what the overall view of fanfiction was? Not having any friends who read fanfiction, I'm not...
  20. Auramaru

    Summer Games Done Quick!

    Hey guys. Not sure if any of you are fans of speed runs or not, but thought I'd post this: https://gamesdonequick.com/ Summer Games Done Quick is an annual event where a bunch of speed runners get together and live stream TONS of different speed runs for a few days. The whole event is for...