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  1. Shadow

    Do Bugs/Insects Have Some Form of "Soul?"

    What does or does not have emotions/cognitive abilities? NEW TOPIC: What does or does not have emotions/cognitive abilities? I found it to be an interesting topic the other day when the topic sprung up with a friend of mine. For those of you who believe living things have an energy or...
  2. Shadow

    Furries: Low Self-Esteem Geeks?

    Something that's always been prominent among the majority of furries is drama, whether a furry makes it or adds to it. The thing is, doing so is often a call for attention regardless. Could it be a lack of good self-esteem? Someone with low self-esteem, perhaps unbeknownst to them will look for...
  3. Shadow

    Any furries that you'd like to beat senseless?

    Just a simple yay or nay type of thing for those who may have passed by certain nimrods. You can tell your story if you like, but I'm curious of whom has a burned bridge or more... My reason for voting yes is that though it's not a stupid extreme, I do not hold trust in certain people who have...
  4. Shadow

    Where the foxes at? [The Return]

    So it can stay open for comments and stuff, I decided to bring this back, thanks to a certain feline mime... Anyway, add yourself. :> Also, for sake of a reference and lulz, I added a new option. Original: http://forums.furaffinity.net/showthread.php?t=39236 (There are otter comments because...
  5. Shadow

    Fox Characters

    Though my main character is a hybrid, he still has prominent fox traits and I myself have said I still lean towards a fox. I chose a fox because not only did I like the classic red fox fur pattern and overall appearance at the time, but as depicted in stories, foxes often were "clever" and...
  6. Shadow

    Furs By Species 2

    This list is updated monthly IF YOU'RE CHANGING YOUR SPECIES, LET ME KNOW SO I DON'T PUT YOU ON THE LIST TWICE! Put your species in your post, and I'll add you accordingly. Also, what classifies as an "exotic hybrid" is if something is hardly likely to be scientifically possible. Otherwise...
  7. Shadow

    Furry Pet Peeves.

    Something to temporarily break the repeated flow. What are your peeves a la furry?
  8. Shadow

    Favorite part of The Den?

    Just being reminiscent of what has happened, but what have you liked best about The Den? Before I move on, little nitpick seeing topics asking about furs in their area when I have my list in the stickies. :P For me, I've always gotten a kick out of seeing "trolling" and "new" users getting...
  9. Shadow

    Furry Word-isms.

    Something new to talk about in The Den. Anyway... What be yer opinion on them? I'm talking about ANY "furry words."
  10. Shadow

    Bestiality, Natural or Not?

    I have an ongoing conversation with YT user on this, but I want to know what you think. http://www.youtube.com/comment_servlet?all_comments&v=ST73QNj9ujY&fromurl=/watch%3Fv%3DST73QNj9ujY Contains what has transpired if you're curious. (I'm UltimaM2 of course.) Those voting yes: Post why.
  11. Shadow

    Your fursona's world.

    Picked this up from my "You an Your Fursona!" topic that Mr. Carenath had to close when we were getting ideas. :P Taking this idea from Attaman, but what is your fursona's world like? EDIT:
  12. Shadow

    You and Your Fursona!

    I assume that you assumed that you knew what this topic was about. And there was a topic like this of the same vein a while back. Now then... we can either discuss new possible topics or state or opinion on the "...your fursona" topics. Go ahead and do either. It is kinda hard to...
  13. Shadow

    When did you join the fandom?

    Hard to make a good topic that fits in this section nowadays. :P Although some, like myself, would like to say they've been a furry all their life by technicality, when did you REALLY join the fandom? I joined in 2004. [EDIT] Well, I've been aware since 2001, come to think of it, but didn't...
  14. Shadow

    How's Life?

    This may seem a little too blog-ish, but why not have a general social topic in The Den? |D I recently went to a local anime convention (Anime Central). Depressed to say it was less exciting than I remembered even after missing last year's and going two years in a row. Although on the upside...
  15. Shadow

    I had sex with the Dragoneer!

    April Fool's.
  16. Shadow

    Where the foxes at?

    Really, where are the vixens? Seeing how the otters previously had their thread, where are the fellow vulpines who reside in the forum? Yeah, may as well chat in this thread. Any vulpine is welcome!...And other posters as well, I guess.
  17. Shadow

    Another hint at StarFox Wii?

    After scouring Google, I came across different sites that led to this: http://www.gametv.com.br/story.show.chain?story.id=6891 Now it is in Portuguese, but in the last paragraph, the line, "Miyamoto revela que já está fazendo os primeiros testes e estudos para levar Star Fox, a famosa série...
  18. Shadow

    Who's going to MFF 08?

    And if you are, mind posting a pic of yourself so we know how to find one another. The most recent thing of me I have is a YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDeb9HO3IYY
  19. Shadow

    A funny thought.

    I'd like to see someone put the notorious and extremely long longcat in their signature. |D
  20. Shadow

    Sticky a thread.

    I think this may be the right place to ask since site problems wouldn't go with this. Anyways, how do you get a thread stickied?