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  1. TrinityWolfess

    Washington State Convention?

    Since Rainfurrest isn't anymore which I really wanted to go to but oh well. Is there convention that took it's place? I live in an area where there's no furries so being in the fandom is really hard. Everyone is usually in Spokane, Seattle or Olympia, which are 3+ hours away.
  2. TrinityWolfess

    I'm Back after 5 years

    It's been a pretty busy life and I didn't have a laptop anymore and now, I finally have a gaming laptop ^_^ Anyway, My names Trinity, 29, female. My main fursona is an Arctic White Wolf. My second is a male Dire Wolf. I'm currently taken but would love to make some furiends again.
  3. TrinityWolfess

    Drawing again

    I've been currently drawing a lot again. I don't really do commission because I know I'm that that good at drawing my own fursona or anybody else. I'm currently working on my fursona drawing but I have others on my FA Fursona: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3234748/...
  4. TrinityWolfess

    Moved to Arizona... Trinity Here

    Hello =] I'm Trinity, an arctic white wolf, lime green eyes, female, I'm originally from Virginia but I moved to WA and Now I'm here In Arizona. I don't know any furs here but one and he now has a girlfriend and also he and I have had ups and downs so I don't know what we are. I am 20, turning...
  5. TrinityWolfess


    I've known alot of furs in the military so I brought this up. My schooling isn't going the way I wanted to so I was thinking about the military and just getting out of here. But sadly (this is embarrassing) I'm 4'9, the requirement says 4'10 = 58 inches. Is there any possibly that I could get...
  6. TrinityWolfess


    How many of you actually excerise regularly? I only ask that is because I need some help losing some weight. I've gained 5-6 pounds since I've left Virginia and Now in Washington State... (7 miles from town and no car) So I'm stuck at home. PM me if needed. I'm pretty short for my age... and...
  7. TrinityWolfess


    Anyone like Punk? Including the 80's punk bands. Drop Kick Murphy's? The Causalities? Agent Orange? The Adolescents? Anti Flag? MIsfits? BlitzKid? many more... (If You Don't like Punk, then please Leave)
  8. TrinityWolfess


    Seen it? Understand it? I'm still slightly puzzled but I can only understand being stuck in a dream and reality at the same time. Now I'm doing research it figure out this puzzle that could be never ending...
  9. TrinityWolfess

    Anyone have Wordpress?

    I have a wordpress account because my web design teacher made me and i'm trying to stay with it but no one looks on my site... I guess i'm not that interesting or something but I have a story that I'm writing on there. So look at me? It's mainly about me starting college but there are other...
  10. TrinityWolfess

    Found Pokemon Cards

    So this lady came up to me at our garage sale, her kids love pokemon and she gave me her card. I found my huge binder of pokemon cards that i've had since they first came out. I have 6 Foil cards (4 of them are the Preleased Dark Gryardos , one Mewtwo and one other one.) Must of them are...
  11. TrinityWolfess

    Warp Tour 2010

    Is anyone going? and who are you gonna go see? I'm going to the Gorge Amphitheater around Seattle, I'm going on my birthday (Aug 14th) I'm going to see Anti flag, The Casualties, Drop Kick Murphys, White Chapel, Sum 41, and more
  12. TrinityWolfess

    Moved to AZ

    I loved in VA and now im currently in AZ, just looking to maybe hang/talk to other furs. I will be moving again to WA. I don't know anyone besides my grandparents, brother and uncle... -looks down and paws at the snow- I want some friends.... Will you be my friend? -tilts head and paws at you-
  13. TrinityWolfess

    Snowed in and bored

    I'm going to be snowed in by morning and I'm going to be really bored... Seems like I can't make friends on here or furry forums. On F2F i made a bunch of friends... why is this? If your in the snow storm.... How many inches did you get? or have for now?
  14. TrinityWolfess

    New One Here!

    Hello!!! I am Trinity, I am a kind and friendly fur, I can be quite understand, I am more or a writer then a artist so My drawings will not be put up unless people wish them too. Thank You! Send Me A message ^_^