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  1. Shindo


    im just gonna set this here http://www.documentarytube.com/?p=127 yes its bias, but tru fax watch the full thing if you have the time plz http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HLzmH9VB6A heres the trailer
  2. Shindo

    Slimey Noodles and Baseball

    ITT: Slimey noodles and baseball
  3. Shindo

    Best Albums of 2009

    (so far) let me start us off with some good ones
  4. Shindo

    Trip Pants

  5. Shindo


    i finally got it, 1002 posts
  6. Shindo


    im gonna slap my big 1000th post here just so you know amicoolyet?
  7. Shindo

    Gnarly old words

    These words were so wonderful, i think its about time that we bring back in style. ARE YOU GUYS STOKED?!? ITT: your favorite out of style words
  8. Shindo

    Fucking Furries

    Fucking Furries
  9. Shindo


  10. Shindo

    Taco Bell

    seriously best thing ever no joke
  11. Shindo

    Internet Dating

    I really don't understand this whole phenomenon, i could never date anyone over the internet. Not being able to make physical contact with the person you are going out with really makes no sense to me. Is it like a blanket to help you feel loved? Because i really don't see any other way someone...
  12. Shindo

    Inside Jokes

    Yeah, post some inside jokes, and a background story if one exists BEAR PAWS!
  13. Shindo

    i got sucked in...

    a month ago i didnt even know what furry meant, and now i sometimes spend hours a day just reading pointless stuff, furry related. being a furry is addicting. did this happen to anyone else?
  14. Shindo

    myspace & facebook

    although ashamed of it i am a myspace and occasional facebook user however i am making this tread to find out about you guys a little better just post your myspace/facebook so we can all learn about each other myspace.com/edam714
  15. Shindo

    April 20th

    It's almost here! Any plans?
  16. Shindo


    When i was in middle school all these unpopular girls would say that they were bi just to be cool in their groups. I thought 92% of them were faking it, so i came to the conclusion that bisexuality is fake. Anyway about a week ago or less i came out and i told everyone i was bi. And now i feel...
  17. Shindo

    Tis me