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  1. Layla-Nyan

    5$ and up commissions!

    Hi there! I'm kind of really new to selling my art on forums so I'm gonna go ahead and just say I'm selling art at hopefully affordable prices! All Sketches like these start at 5 dollars! Drawings with minimal color like this starts at 10$! More complex art like these start at a minimum of...
  2. Layla-Nyan

    Dunno what to draw...

    I feel like I've been in a weird slump lately... I did manage to draw 2 things last night, but I'm still kinda unsure as to what i feel like I should draw.... Any suggestions? The pieces I did last night 7/1/2017 for context: (If anyone can teach me how to make the pictures smaller that'd be...
  3. Layla-Nyan


    Don't know how to delete, sorry.
  4. Layla-Nyan

    Is it ok if I post a link to my art stream here? (/)///(\)

    I hope this is okay...If not please feel free to remove or swap it to the proper forum! I like to draw cute things and sometimes I'll draw NSFW, but right now it's 100% SFW
  5. Layla-Nyan

    Hello everyone!

    It's very nice to meet all of you. My name is Hayley, but you can also call me by my username, Layla-Nyan, Layla, or just LN. Whatever makes you feel the most comfortable! I'm a 21 year old artist who honestly hasn't been acquainted with anything 'fur' related in quite a long time. I joined the...