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  1. Tabasco

    Furries not successful in life?

    I see a lot of mixed results in this fandom. If anything, people who aren't conventionally successful may be dissatisfied with life, and in dissatisfaction turn to fantasy.
  2. Tabasco

    Fursona species there should be more of, less of and none of in your opinion

    I desperately want to see one of these.
  3. Tabasco

    What lovely [/sarcasm] people at furmeets!

    Not that I'm one to point fingers at weirdos, but the meets here were never very fun and I never understood why the few friends I had in the community were so fucking fascinated with them. We'd sometimes sit at Perkins, which is where the barking and excessive PDA was, and have nothing to do...
  4. Tabasco

    Favorite kind of animals

    I'm a sucker for birds and tiny, jumping lizards.
  5. Tabasco

    Why has no fur done this?

    There's tons of people around here who wear tails. Might be something like that going on. It's possible to lie and just say it's cute.
  6. Tabasco

    How did you end up in this fandom and what makes you stay?

    How? Some people go nuts and start thinking they have to eat, sleep, and shit it in addition to defining themselves by it, but that's kind of an individual problem that they're taking out on what's available.
  7. Tabasco

    What kind of furry art do you like most?

    It's a tie between fantasy and sci-fi, which are two genres I love in general. I love to read, but I don't find much worthwhile furry literature within the fandom so that's out. Amateur fiction in general is a gamble, though I've stumbled across some real gems over the years.
  8. Tabasco

    Online Friendships

    I currently have three online contacts I'd call genuine friends without hesitation. I used to have more, but we wound up drifting over the course of several years, which is just how some friendships go and not something that necessarily reflects badly on them. I've pocketed them from various...
  9. Tabasco

    How did you end up in this fandom and what makes you stay?

    I've loved sci-fi/fantasy my whole life, so after gaining Internet access it was only a matter of time before something led me here. I stayed for awhile not only because I was genuinely fascinated by the art, but because I was lonely and enjoyed the easy company of online community and roleplay...
  10. Tabasco

    So I just got "Bitter Lake" on DVD (no spoilers)

    I honestly hope movies like this gain no attention whatsoever except as an oddity or a comedy. It's one thing when people enjoy and produce visual art that's just nice to look at, but when the mindset of "Well, it doesn't make me think or feel anything and there's no deeper message or pattern...
  11. Tabasco

    Friend troubles! >;<

    Where exactly are his problems coming from? Poor social skills? Vastly different personal belief system than everyone around him? Anxiety or shyness? History of depression and isolation? There's really nothing to go off of to give tangible ideas on how to help him pick himself up and start...
  12. Tabasco

    forum addict (seriously)

    More than time spent online or post count, the fact that pulling yourself away and staying away without serious distress is a problem sounds like, well, a problem. Pretty sure that's one of the hallmarks of addiction or something.
  13. Tabasco

    Name some of your hobbies...

    Foreign language, coding, and an unhealthy amount of horror movies.
  14. Tabasco

    Your Level Of Infatuation Towards Furry Fandom - How Far?

    I'm not infatuated with this place at all. I love cartoons and sci-fi/fantasy involving animals and anthropomorphic characters, but I minimized my participation in this fandom a couple months ago down to just browsing or lurking once in awhile and have been much happier and less stressed for it...
  15. Tabasco

    How did you find FA? What brought you here?

    I think I was just bored, and then I made a few friends and got hooked on goofing around in a forum where I wasn't regularly pestered for roleplay. Now it's nostalgia and (again) boredom.
  16. Tabasco

    How do I surround myself with positive people

    I think it's less about meeting "positive, happy, optimistic people" and more about meeting people of decent character who encourage happiness, well-being, and self-esteem in you. Someone with a bleak, hateful outlook on life who detests everyone and treats their friends insensitively is...
  17. Tabasco

    Furry community and the deep web

    I smell an adventure in the making.
  18. Tabasco

    Suicide help group

    I worry that you might eventually face legal issues offering yourselves as a service to console suicidal people if anything goes wrong. Online/offline is a mixed bag. Online friends don't provide the physical contact and stimulation that is often needed - getting out of the house, an actual...
  19. Tabasco

    I need your honest Opinion guys!

    I wouldn't even have time to install a secret bookcase to cover up the entrance to my BDSM dungeon.
  20. Tabasco

    Subject or Quality?

    Since I'm not an artist, I don't notice all the little details and distinctions of someone's art that might set two very similar pieces apart when it comes to quality and technical skill. I can't really admire it to the same extent I would something that makes me think, excites me, or tells me a...