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  1. SkyboundTerror

    Post the last thing you laughed at online

    Every now and then, I remember about this video's existence. It still gets me.
  2. SkyboundTerror

    Favorite Artists?

    Todd Lockwood is still my favorite artist after all of these years. Maybe it's bias or nostalgia, but his artwork is the reason I adore dragons and fantasy in general. Though, I can also say that I've found many artists I take inspiration from and the cool dude above this post is one of them.
  3. SkyboundTerror

    Art Trade: Let's Draw Silly Things

    Looking for people to do art trades with, particularly artists who have a flair for cartoonish styles or expressive, silly poses. I mostly draw fan art, reptiles, and dragons, but I'll take a stab at anything! SFW or NSFW is fine. Here's my FA and some examples...
  4. SkyboundTerror

    Sketchbook: Dragons, dragons, and more dragons

    Finished this recently. I'm definitely going to try out more with this style. It's too fun.
  5. SkyboundTerror

    Movies that traumatized you as a kid

    The intro scene to Darkness Falls (the horror movie about the Tooth Fairy). The movie is ass but geez, that intro scene. I was already afraid of the dark and watching that as a kid cemented my fear for years.
  6. SkyboundTerror

    Sketchbook: Dragons, dragons, and more dragons

    Funny you say that. That art was meant as an April Fool's parody of Angels With Scaly Wings for a server I run. We even thought about making it into a short joke game, but I have no idea where to start with that.
  7. SkyboundTerror

    What video game are you playing...

    Recently bought the Tomb Raider trilogy and the Bioshock games. I do have some shooter fatigue since it's all I seem to have on my Xbox, but it was hard to say no to the deals.
  8. SkyboundTerror

    Hardest games you've played

    Probably the original Ghosts 'n Goblins. The ending wasn't even worth the effort. How anyone can sit down, play the game, and think it's fun is beyond me.
  9. SkyboundTerror

    Hiring: Magical Dumpster Dragon

    Oh god, I was not expecting this many responses, and thanks for all of them! I'll have to think about this. All of you are awesome.
  10. SkyboundTerror

    Hiring: Magical Dumpster Dragon

    I've been itching to commission more art of my 'sona, and I suck at finding artists, so this is the next best thing! He's an exaggerated reflection of what I consider my worst traits - lonely, reckless, vain, as well as incredibly impish and lazy. He does have a big imagination and will do...
  11. SkyboundTerror

    Trying to track down a horror film I only remember from its dvd cover when I was a child.

    The only movie I was able to find that fit the description was Decoys (2004).
  12. SkyboundTerror

    Horror Movies!

    I recently subscribed to Shudder and it has a decent selection, but most seem to be campy horror flicks. There is a neat series called Cursed Films that covers the tragedies surrounding The Exorcist, The Omen, Poltergeist, The Crow, and The Twilight Zone movie. Check it out if you guys can. Some...
  13. SkyboundTerror

    This place isn't safe from me.

    This place isn't safe from me.
  14. SkyboundTerror

    Are you a dog or cat person?

    I used to be a cat person, then I got a dog and then I became a dog person. But then we got a cat along with the dog and now I can't decide, I love them both.
  15. SkyboundTerror

    Sketchbook: Dragons, dragons, and more dragons

    A pose! Been out of the groove lately so I think I'll take some requests to get back into drawing. Dragons and reptiles are preferred but not absolute!
  16. SkyboundTerror

    Are you worried you might, with time, grow out of your fursona/character?

    No. He's a reflection of me and I already invested too much money and damned time into him so he better stay relevant.
  17. SkyboundTerror

    Horror Movies!

    Hereditary is an absolute must if you're a fan of horror. It warrants multiple re-watches and it can be talked about for weeks. My favorite horror movie has to be The Orphanage. It's a Spanish horror/drama film about... an orphanage. It does lean more into the drama but god, it's one of the...
  18. SkyboundTerror

    What DVD cover artwork made you feel scared as a child?.

    I always liked sneaking into the horror aisle of a Hollywood Video whenever I wandered off from my parents, and The Ice Cream Man is one that always stuck with me. The blood and the eyeballs... it's just so gruesome.
  19. SkyboundTerror

    What dream/nightmare sticks in your head?

    I have recurring dreams of attending school again, either college or high school, and dreams of a flooded world where the water is up to the chest and murky. Sometimes it's a combination of the two. My issue with my dreams is how convincing they are. There's never anything too out of the...