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  1. Brooks Dotson

    Sona ref sheet update

    Okay i have no idea if this should go here (if not let me know) but i'm looking for someone to update my ref sheet of my Protogen - Kazimir If anyone also requires any further information, dm me.
  2. Brooks Dotson

    Looking for friends on ESO

    Ok so i just got the elder scrolls online a couple of days ago on the xbox one and have decided to see if anyone here also plays it plays it too. Let me know if anyone wants to play, thanks.
  3. Brooks Dotson

    Changed & Silenced - A discussion

    I don't know if somebody else posted this, but if not then let's talk about it and everything related to it by who else - Dragon Snow store.steampowered.com: Changed on Steam store.steampowered.com: Silenced on Steam What are you're thoughts on Changed and Silenced?
  4. Brooks Dotson

    Any scalies here?

    So i'm not so much a new guy anymore, but was curious as to how many scalies frequent the forums, so basically any dragons, crocodiles, or really any other sorta reptiles here on the forums? Would love to generally chat with any of you if possible, because honestly i get so bored sometimes
  5. Brooks Dotson

    Half-Life (and source mod) series nostalgia

    Seeing as how there's no half-life-related threads on here, i decided to create one myself, basically just chat about anything and everything related to the half-life series as well as mods for it
  6. Brooks Dotson

    Greetings everyone

    Hi everyone, been here a while but only recently decided to be more active on here, so i honestly can't wait to see how well people interact with me, a very bored scalie
  7. Brooks Dotson

    Getting my first partial suit

    So i've decided to get my first partial suit this year and was looking for any makers who are open or are soon to be open, so if anyone can give me some examples please let me know :)
  8. Brooks Dotson

    Questions about Starbound

    So idk if anyone has heard of or played this game before but if anyone here has i'd love to have someone to play with it has gotten really boring playing by myself lately so if anyone is around send me an invite or something, my steam ID is SquareAtrophy
  9. Brooks Dotson

    In regards to second life

    I have no idea if this the right place for this so here goes nothing, so i basically just created a secondlife account and was wondering if any furries still use it, because i'd love to have an excuse to try it again :)
  10. Brooks Dotson

    Okay first 'sona request, round #2

    Alright i may have overreacted the first time, so i'm gonna try this again, basically the following: requesting the creation of my first 'sona, kizaji lezulia, still prefer it to be free, but if i have to pay then let it be lower 30$, i doubt any reasonable artist is gonna suffer from having to...