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  1. SkyboundTerror

    Art Trade: Let's Draw Silly Things

    Looking for people to do art trades with, particularly artists who have a flair for cartoonish styles or expressive, silly poses. I mostly draw fan art, reptiles, and dragons, but I'll take a stab at anything! SFW or NSFW is fine. Here's my FA and some examples...
  2. SkyboundTerror

    Hiring: Magical Dumpster Dragon

    I've been itching to commission more art of my 'sona, and I suck at finding artists, so this is the next best thing! He's an exaggerated reflection of what I consider my worst traits - lonely, reckless, vain, as well as incredibly impish and lazy. He does have a big imagination and will do...
  3. SkyboundTerror

    Sketchbook: Dragons, dragons, and more dragons

    Seems like my old art thread from years ago was nuked during my absence, so here's yet another art thread full of my useless art. Like the title suggests... yep, it's mostly dragons. I have this terrible habit of never finishing what I draw, but if there's one thing I took away from the one...
  4. SkyboundTerror

    A formal reintroduction

    Not many current users probably know me. I used to be very active here a few years ago and I left my mark by, really, just existing and posting every now and then because I have nothing better to do. And I've returned to do that again! Things you need to know about me? I like dragons. I play...
  5. SkyboundTerror

    Are dragons the best?

    There's only one answer so pick your words very carefully.
  6. SkyboundTerror

    Calling all dragons!

    All these bots on this forum. Dang. Anyways! Looking to make some friends of the scaled variety like yourself? Tired of being a lone dragon? Come and check out our new Discord server aimed directly at you! There's not enough dragon-oriented chatrooms out there and we're looking to fix that...
  7. SkyboundTerror

    where are the other dragons at

    There are too many mutts and squishy things running around here. Surely my draconic brethren can't be extinct here just yet! We need to group together to discuss dragon-y things... like hoarding. And positions to laze around in. Yeeeah.
  8. SkyboundTerror

    Favorite Boss Battles

    Thread titles says it all. Which boss battles, from whichever games, are your favorite and why?
  9. SkyboundTerror

    Haptic, Visual, or Auditory?

    How do you learn best? Visual Learning Auditory Learning Haptic Learning ---- I'm a visual/haptic learner myself. I can't do anything new unless I'm shown first-hand, and I have to do it in silence afterwards or else I can't focus.
  10. SkyboundTerror

    Worst movie you've seen?

    What is the worst movie you have seen? "So bad, it's good" does not count. Name a movie that rode so hard against your tastes that you enjoyed nothing out of it, and can't name a single moment when you did. Name a movie so bad, it resulted in you walking out of a theater; shutting off the...
  11. SkyboundTerror

    Why can't I stop throwing money at

    I like misleading titles. I've got a few questions for those who buy art of their characters. Why do you do so? There are certain... reasons why someone would commission their character depending on the content of the art being made, but is there any reason other than personal gratification...
  12. SkyboundTerror

    Rock Hugger

    Finally getting around to making this - I'm in need of a creativity boost, and this seemed like the best idea. I'll do my best to keep this thread updated, if not for my own agenda. Thanks for reading! Name: Terros Alcove Age: Young adult Sex: Male Species: Western dragon History: Terros...
  13. SkyboundTerror

    My weapon is cooler than yours

    Now that the thread title has your attention, I want to know your favorite weapon concept in a video game, and why? And I'm not only talking guns, either. Red shells, green shells, gravity guns, phantom swords, plastic swords, bricks of cheese that open dimensional rifts, other people - let's...
  14. SkyboundTerror

    What made your day today?

    I'm sorry, but I have to geek out right now. So badly. I recently bought a Charizard Ex Box (recently being more than a month ago), because I'm a huge Charizard fanguy, but I told myself that I would not open it. Well, temptation beat me today, and I decided to rip up the booster packs for a...
  15. SkyboundTerror

    Current Role in Life

    Snatched this thread up from an old site I used to hang out at. What role do you play in your everyday life? Whether it's helping people, or just being optimistic, we all play a certain role that distinguishes us from friends/family. The leader? Father/Mother figure? The child? You can think...
  16. SkyboundTerror

    Bragging fun

    Nothing like talking about that video game where you mercilessly dominated every sibling/friend/ex-friend/co-worker/etc. unfortunate enough to cross your path. Which game did or do you reign over? Got any stories of rivals, and battle-scars to share?
  17. SkyboundTerror

    N64 Games

    Any you recommend? The N64 is easily my favorite video game console, and I'm considering going back to searching for cartridges. I need to know which games are worth my time and which aren't. I used to go out hunting for games at flea markets and garage sales, but some vendors got smart (and...
  18. SkyboundTerror

    Nouveua McNewblett

    Hey, this is me cautiously dipping a toe into a fandom that I'll either regrettably associate myself, regrettably leave, regrettably make myself look like an ass to all of you for saying I joined this site regrettably, or have a ton of fun and not give a damn of the outcome. No hard feelings...