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  1. chesse20

    roblox furries therad

    It's a great game
  2. chesse20

    roblox furries therad

    http://www.roblox.com/ Roblox, stylized as RŌBLOX, is a massively multiplayer online game created and marketed toward children and teenagers aged 8–18. In the game, players are able to create their own virtual world, in which they or other members may enter and socialize within the blocks of...
  3. chesse20

    roblox furries therad

    thread for furries who play the roblox game
  4. chesse20

    Angel Dragon "rules"?

    lol the angel dragon rules on no adult art is dumb lmao what's the point of fursona if you can't commison sexy art of it??? o_O
  5. chesse20

    The greatest Final Fantasy game?

    Kingdom Hearts 385/2 Days because it was the only one I could stand playing for more than 2 hours before getting bored
  6. chesse20

    Fandom Cringe words

    the word fandom is gross in of itself
  7. chesse20

    TF2 Help

    Nah don't use a controller, use mouse and keyboard, you can't bunny hop with a xbox controller which is nesscary for higher level play in any source game. Also you should probably use better key binds, here are my recommendations. e for jump q for voice chat spacebar for interact
  8. chesse20

    I'm calling a sidebar about the Sidebar.

    Furaffinity premium : watch limit raised from 100 to 500, and maximum submissions per day raised from 1 to 5 compared to free 2 play users for the cheap price of 5.99$ a month
  9. chesse20

    I am currently in love with a certain raccoon... also KH2 probs...

    roxas is from when sora dies and they throw his dead body In a tardis and the only way to bring sora back to life is to kill roxas but roxas is actually way cooler than sora and didnt deserve to die
  10. chesse20


    bane him
  11. chesse20

    FA/IMVU Discussion

    because I don't have to pay 20 dollars to sign a job application. Um actually yeah you can, IMVU is a major corporation, and corporations exist to make the most amount of money by any means nesccary. Whatever they are going to do they are going to do it ruthlessly and they will ban, block, and...
  12. chesse20

    Where do you meet other furries?

    Twitter is good for meeting people with similar intrests but it also keeps trying to tell me to watch wwe
  13. chesse20

    [ redacted ]

    lol I'm not paying 60 dollars for a game or 400-500 dollars for a console rofl
  14. chesse20

    fursona name problems!

    a lot of ppl use science terms as names for their fursonas. fursona names are hard and I'm starting to feel my fursona needs a name change
  15. chesse20

    FA/IMVU Discussion

    ppl just have to deal with it b/c there's no good alternatives for furaffinity because all other sites have very small userbases or are deviantart and nobody wants to use deviantart because of it's shitty porn policies and awful community mostly made up of middle schoolers
  16. chesse20

    FA/IMVU Discussion

    weasyl sucks their forum mods gave me a 5 point perma infraction for posting a go animate grounded video
  17. chesse20

    Alternatives to FA?

    8chan /furry/ seems like it would be a chill forum but not really a place to get commissions or w/e due to the image board setup
  18. chesse20

    FA/IMVU Discussion

    wow looks like were all going to have to move to 8chan now
  19. chesse20

    RPG Maker Games Thread

    ^ did you even read my post, I said I did try rpgmaker and that I did not like it. Also those examples don't look good to me compared to some of the stuff made in byond and roblox, like Framed! and Space Station 13