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  1. Arden

    re appearing topics

    ok if this is a repeat then wow I love irony... but I find it slightly annoying that I see repeating topics on here ... and I'm wondering if anyone else feels the same ... but then again if you don't then go ahead and feel free to bash all ya want :P ^.^
  2. Arden

    Real Books

    yay first topic.... alright I don't know if this is a repeat or not, Name any books that you can say have note worthy praise for legends on (werewolves, morphs, or shapeshifters...ect.ect.) two that I found were , Year of the Leopard Song : (can't remember author) The Blooding...
  3. Arden

    Crazy Snow Leopard Enterence

    Hiya well might aswell put a little here name: Arden Whitefur Species: Snow-leopard the rest you might as well just want to ask me about :P