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  1. Steel_Wolf

    I need an image of my new reinvented fursona

    My fursona is still going to be flof (half fox half wolf), but he is going to have the head of a fox and the tail of a wolf. The color saccadic is going to be a grey wolf. So it would have the color pattern of a fox but the colors would be of a wolf (grey and ivory). The eyes are going to be...
  2. Steel_Wolf

    Portal... 2

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1UZcSw3_BY I want this so bad. I will have my own personal computer by then too.
  3. Steel_Wolf

    2 commission ideas for my fursona

    I want to do a commission were my fursona (reference pic but he is suppose to have this hairdow also he was supposed to be wearing black converse with orange shoe soles), who is an ex secret agent with this gun like going down a hallway being sleathy. And then the other picture is of him in...
  4. Steel_Wolf

    I need a fursuit head

    One for a partial fursuit. And it would be a grey fox head. I would just like to get a few sample images and a price quote
  5. Steel_Wolf

    DJ name?

    I am taking DJ class and I want to come up with a DJ name with a furry reference also that orange is my favorite color... don't ask why I just do. I don't want a reference that is just "Yiffmister" or something, so just make it simple but not to obvious. Keep it CLEAN people.
  6. Steel_Wolf

    looking for a mask not a head

    I'm looking for somebody that can make a mask of my fursona, but not a mascot-style head. I've been looking around and the people that I found have not replied. I wouldn't be able to pay you right now, it would be in this year for certain if not the end of the month. EDIT: I clarified what I am...
  7. Steel_Wolf

    Kind of a weird commisson.

    I'm looking for gloves to my partial fursuit. Now I don't know if I really need a pair of long gloves or just normal gloves so I would need a price quote in both of them. I hear that you need to draw a trace of your hand so I will do that and scan it when I can... or maybe put a ruler next to my...
  8. Steel_Wolf


    I know that it seems childish but I have pokemon HeartGold and I will most likely get Pokemon Black when it comes out in America. I was wondering if somebody wanted to trade or just battle. If you do want to trade I would like to get all of the eevee evolutions that I can't get in this game...
  9. Steel_Wolf


    Well this isn't really an announcement about a con but more of a question. If I wanted to start up my own con (furry and cosplay for example) what would I need? And how would I get a hold of people for the special guests or whatever you call it?
  10. Steel_Wolf

    Looking For Fusona Commission - Ziggy

    Hi, I'm looking for somebody to draw my fursona (for once). I would like to see who is taking commissions, how much they are, and what other work you have done. Or if your thinking about doing some free art then think of me :D Please reply if your interested in drawing my fursona.
  11. Steel_Wolf

    Tucson Fur Meet

    Hi I am thinking about makeing a fur meet in Tucson AZ. Maybe we could meet up on January 2010 on the 3rd around the main downtown library. If you have any suggestions leave it in your post
  12. Steel_Wolf

    Who wants to make a webcomic?

    You see I have all of these stories running around in my head and I would like to get them out, but I can’t draw. This is where you come in. I am looking for an artist that wants to make a webcomic but doesn’t really have a lot of ideas. If you want to work together on a webcomic please...
  13. Steel_Wolf

    Hello fellow furs

    Hi I’m Ziggy Steel. I am sort of new to the furry fandom. I was sending feedback to this furry podcast and they gave me the name Ziggy Steel. My fursona is of a wolf with a black pair of pants, black button up shirt, and a red tie. About me: I am a nerdy cosplaying otaku 16 year old male. I...