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  1. Jakkob

    Furry things you do when bored

    I am shocked. No one here plays the "Guess Their Furry Species" game with a fur-friend while in public. It really is a lot of fun. Try it!
  2. Jakkob

    How meny fur live in FL.?

    I happen to live in the Tampa/Brandon area. Not many Furs around here...
  3. Jakkob

    Might have seen a furry

    I work in a Computer store. Ironically, I sold computers at the time... Ohh. Well, this guy/kid walked in and told me he wanted to purchase a Tablet PC. Told me he was an Art Major. He was also wearing a shirt with a Female Anthromophic Skunk in a Bikini on the front. I was pretty sure he was...
  4. Jakkob

    Did the fandom make you Gay/Bi?

    I believe it was Zen's art that allowed me to convince myself I found both Sexes Sexy. But Sexuality is weird like that, you just have to find the right person at the right time.
  5. Jakkob

    Furs by state/province/other (NEW AUTHOR)

    Tampa, Florida. Good to see that Tampa is Furrier then I previously thought.