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  1. lone_husky

    Would you give up candy or walking?

    I would give up Candy.. I rather walk insted
  2. lone_husky

    Does anyone else have furry dreams?

    I had plenty of furry dreams... I love the dreams where i can become the one i wanted to be.
  3. lone_husky

    Site Outage: Feb 25, 2009

    There may be one...>.>*
  4. lone_husky

    Connection Interrupted error in forums

    I have got the Same error message also
  5. lone_husky

    My Post Count is gone

    well if everyone is thinking outside the box then what is inside the box?
  6. lone_husky

    Family Guy

    I think you may be wrong they spend more time bashing on Meg more than Brian. here's the best moment i have seen from that episode: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9v1OG2eX-BA
  7. lone_husky

    My Post Count is gone

    Well thanks for all your responses. like i said earlier ill just have to start from scratch but who cares on this site so now i have no worries...
  8. lone_husky

    My Post Count is gone

    well i guess here the post count does not matter but i know when im on other forums the post count matters because the more post count you have you have more access to other threads i know one that if you dont have 1k post count you dont get access to the VIP thread and have access to change...
  9. lone_husky

    Family Guy

    I have searched but could not find any post about family guy... anyway if you watched the one from sunday it was very funny with the new brian... heres two of the scenes that was funny http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47z8I-oFNps http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFAxYAt5Apg
  10. lone_husky


    "Styrofoam my only weakness" one of many funny lines in the movie
  11. lone_husky

    My Post Count is gone

    I know they closed a thread that was a game. idk but all i know is that i need to jump back on and try to get it back up.
  12. lone_husky

    -rolls in-

    Welcome to the FurAffinity forums i hope you like..... stay and join the party i wont bite....maybe others but not me
  13. lone_husky

    My Post Count is gone

    the thing is i had 228 but now i have is 24
  14. lone_husky

    My Post Count is gone

    when i logged on i noticed that my post count has gone back down to 24 i dont know why but im ticked off because i lost 204 post counts... why is this? I know that im very mad :confused:.........sorry i dont know if this go's in this section
  15. lone_husky

    How often do you clean your room?

    ^^^same for me
  16. lone_husky

    Free arts!

    Heres a request: A Wolf/Husky mix (male) with dark tan fur covering it's body but with a patch pf white on the under body. He has dark blue eyes with a pair of wire glasses,with a domestic husky like tail. or what ever you like doing.
  17. lone_husky

    Post Last 2 Win 3rd Edition

    I Want My Taco!!!!
  18. lone_husky

    Post Last 2 Win 3rd Edition

    Very funny....eats self
  19. lone_husky

    Post Last 2 Win 3rd Edition

    Tacos are good!