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  1. sights-set117

    Pet Peeves of the Furry Fandom

    maybe I'm just nuts, but nothing in the furry community makes me "Rage", I can ignore it, look past it, or enjoy some of it. My real rage comes from the geniuses that proclaim our fandom to be the dog/daughter/sister-fuckers that beat off to porn about dragon guys jerking each-other off...
  2. sights-set117

    How can I find out if one of my friends is a furry without raising suspicion?

    Try 'accidentally' [wink] getting caught on FA or something by him. Ask him if he's ever heard of such a thing. Maybe?
  3. sights-set117

    The Animal In You

    Oh my, i got snake, and it's exactly accurate....down to the careers/hobbies thing. Only, I don't have a lisp/stutter.
  4. sights-set117

    if you could be changed into your fursona would you?

    I still would, unquestionably. Screw human rights, I'm treated like an animal anyways. And my family is....lets say they'd just think: "oh, look, he's doing something strange again" and only fools fear the inevitable (reference to the 20% chance of death.)
  5. sights-set117

    Furs by state/province/other (NEW AUTHOR)

    Edmonton Alberta Yeah, Canadian, woot!