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  1. Shatter

    Meeting people online.

    I've met several people online, never had a bad experience, even when I was younger and met guys with the intention of just having sex. The best experience I ever had was meeting a group of friends off another forum, we went out in London for the day, and generally had a good time.
  2. Shatter

    Red Dwarf; Back to Earth

    Yup, last night, tonight and tomorrow. 9pm on Dave if you're in the UK. It's getting repeated on there loads though, shouldn't be too hard to catch up.
  3. Shatter

    HR669! pet owners beware

    The latin for "llama" is "lama glama"? I find that amusing.
  4. Shatter

    Easter eggs tomorrow 8D

    I should get one. I love easter, me and my friend always go to his dads house, where they have younger kids, and we have an easter egg hunt in the garden.
  5. Shatter

    Personality change

    I used to be extremely shy, but now that I'm old enough to get drunk, I'm a lot better.
  6. Shatter

    Red Dwarf; Back to Earth

    Anyone here watching these, or a fan of the old series? I thought last nights was pretty good, although I missed the canned laughter. :mad: Looking forward to the other two, as they don't seem to have raped the series. :p
  7. Shatter

    Posting from work

    Can't connect to the real internet in my office, just our pretend version. :(
  8. Shatter

    what are your favorite books?

    I think my favourite must be Paul Coelho's Veronika Decides to Die.
  9. Shatter

    Random ?: What the worst injury you've had?

    Probably cutting myself shaving. Never broke a bone, or seriously injured myself. Even got my car run over by a lorry without a scratch on me.
  10. Shatter

    Random Question: Have you ever had an out of body experience?

    I do often, sometimes once or twice a day. Nothing particular seems to cause it, and it only lasts a split second.
  11. Shatter

    Gays and dolls?

    A little. I remember my sister had a singing mermaid that I liked to play with. Nowadays, I just have my Sephiroth doll on my desk. :D
  12. Shatter

    To be or not to be?

    If nothing we do matters, then the only thing that matters is what we do.
  13. Shatter

    What's the stpuidist thing you've ever done when drunk?

    Hmm, I can't think of anything. Which is odd, because I drink a lot. I guess either I'm just one of those sensible people, or I just don't remember. :p
  14. Shatter

    Paypals question

    I believe you do, but I only use mine to pay out, not to pay in to.
  15. Shatter

    Foreign languages?

    I can count to ten in French and German.
  16. Shatter

    Good Examples:

    You missed me off the list.
  17. Shatter


    The film is rated 18 over here. Is there a similar rating there? If so, don't watch a rated film, then complain when a little girl gets sawed up, and a guys hands get chopped off. :P [/FONT]
  18. Shatter

    Last movie you've seen?

    Tank Girl. Gotta love it!
  19. Shatter

    What is your favorite sci-fi TV series?

    Voyager or DS9.
  20. Shatter


    Hey there. That's an awesome avatar!