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  1. Uro

    What type of foam for a head?

    Looking at trying my hand at making a suit for fun. Starting with the head to see if the rest is worth the trouble lol... So I'm on the search for foam, I'm going to be doing the balaclava method if that helps. I know I should be looking for upholstery foam but not sure what density I should...
  2. Uro

    WHAT IF *random thing* HAPPENED???

  3. Uro

    Furs from ....?

    http://forums.furaffinity.net/showthread.php?t=43382 Here ya go, no more need for all these repeat threads.
  4. Uro

    Commissioning a couple piece

    My boyfriends birthday is coming up and I'm looking to get a piece done of us for one of my gifts to him. Looking for a digital shaded, with a background (probably something simple like a dark bedroom or something) Leave me a message here or send me a note on FA (preferred) with some of your...
  5. Uro

    Introversion, anti-socialness

    Edit- This was cut from the "coming out - the thread" post. Well I told my mom, or more she straight up asked me lol. Guess she kinda caught on after I've been going on all these trips around the U.S. with other guys. But if someone flat out asks me I won't lie, although I kinda wanted to tell...
  6. Uro

    VA furry website!

    Just found this. It's still pretty new but I know there a few VA furries over here, so I thought spread the work a little ^^. edit- heres the site :S http://vafurs.007sites.com/
  7. Uro

    fursuit body

    Well since I suck at sewing I'm looking into commissioning a fursuit body (excluding the paws and head). If anyone makes/sells this part individually, or knows someone that does let me know here and I'll get into contact with them. Thanks!
  8. Uro

    Coloring fur?

    There are some small/medium details that I want to put on my fursuit when I start to make it (a few streaks of red). Would it be easier to just sew some red fur over the parts I want, or would dying it be easier? Only thing I am worried about though is that the dye might make the fur clump and...
  9. Uro


    Hi everyone! I guess I missed this thread earlier so I posted a semi-intro on the fursona forum haha. Well anyhow, Im 19 live in VA and just recently got involved in the fur community. Kind of funny how I discovered it, was just randomly browsing through flickr and stumbled upon some anthrocon...
  10. Uro

    Just a random thought

    I glanced at this discussion thread and thought it said "the puppy mill" and was like omg! haha.
  11. Uro

    Uro Wolf/Husky mix

    Hey everyone! I've just recently discovered the fur community and instantly fell in love with it. I'm still pretty new to all of this so any help along the way would be greatly appreciated! I guess I'll introduce my first fursona! (although it's basically just like me haha) Name: Uro Lycan...
  12. Uro

    eye construction help!

    Hey! I'm looking to build a suit sometime in the near future and have found some pretty nice tutorials on the head, body, tail, and ect. But I still cant really find a good eye tutorial. I don't really like the cartoony eyes and would much prefer the "moving" ones sort of like Damaronwolf 's...