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  1. Psudowolf

    Newbie to the Entire Fandom!

    Welcome to the forums! I am the local Iguana-dragon hybrid stopping by. Enjoy yourself and keep it cool and we'll all get along just dandy!
  2. Psudowolf

    Artwork should not be censored

    Some stuff should be censored.. the rest I could really care less about.
  3. Psudowolf

    New York Mets complain about noisy Furries

    Hear that..... *cricket chirp*.....that's the sound of nobody but the Met's complaining.
  4. Psudowolf


    Welcome to the FA forums. Enjoy the randomly strewn tables of cookies and lube. Have fun!
  5. Psudowolf

    Retarded Rhymes

    Roses are Red Violets are Pink The toilets all clogged Had to piss in the sink.
  6. Psudowolf

    Iphone or Blackberry?

    I have a blackberry curve 8310, not a bad device. has a good camera, and good internet browsing capability. Though I pay out the ass for the phone service.>..<
  7. Psudowolf

    Ahahahaha, religious ignorance.

    I realized that they use the same forum board as FA does
  8. Psudowolf

    Ahahahaha, religious ignorance.

    Oh, i'm joining up all right I shall have some pics up soon
  9. Psudowolf

    What pets do you have?

    1 Uromastyx, 1 Savannah monitor lizard, 1 Blue tongued skink
  10. Psudowolf

    new and shy

    Welcome to the Forums!
  11. Psudowolf

    Was I trolled IRL?

    Heh, you might have been trolled. I rickroll people all the time, anywhere I am, because I have the rickroll song on my phone, if you call me you WILL get rickrolled.
  12. Psudowolf

    New to the Fandom

    Welcome to the fandom, just try to stay away from the drama llama *cocks shotgun* I'll get that damn llama someday. Anyway, welcome!
  13. Psudowolf

    Zombie Furry Story needs survivors and monsters

    Name: Psudowolf Gender: Male Genus: Canid Age:20 Job: Army's Counter Biological Recon Team (CRBT) Distinctive marks: Completely black except for a white patch on his neck and the white underside of his tail and his blue hair Background: Psudowolf joined the military at the age...
  14. Psudowolf

    Losing your virginity.

    I'm not telling.
  15. Psudowolf

    The Curious Case Of Smile.jpg

    I suspect troll
  16. Psudowolf

    Questions about Americans

    1 - ABOUT NAMES Yes I have a middle name, and I suspect it's mostly used in case you hate your first name. 2 - ABOUT DEMONSTRATING It's a first amendment right. You can't take it away, and obviously you guys in Europe have nothing of the sort so you get stepped on. 3 - ABOUT PATRIOTISM Mostly...
  17. Psudowolf

    What are your fetishes?

    I have some, but I won't tell you all of them Bloodletting (in moderation) Collars and leashes I'm an exibitionist, I don't really know the actual name (to only a select few I know personally) Light Bondage Biting Insert the rest here. I'll come up with some more later...I'm too tired
  18. Psudowolf

    Israel declares total war

    Oh great, another war that the U.S. is going to help out in. Lucky me.
  19. Psudowolf


    I'd rather be a Big Daddy. Screw plasmids.