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  1. chesse20

    roblox furries therad

    thread for furries who play the roblox game
  2. chesse20


    bane him
  3. chesse20

    Missing rules from aup

    http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/5279697/ someone was posting a journal entry raffle and I tried to find where in the fa rules the mentioned rules of this journal were stated and I could not find them
  4. chesse20

    Hacker in furaffinity???

    so from what I'm hearing from the rumors , is that the new coder is hacker who has put viruses in mods and was also putting malicious code in f-list to spy on users? :rolleyes: So much for the transparency for fa
  5. chesse20

    Comment Problem: time stamps are broken

    As u can see in this screenshot the time stamps r saying that someone made a reply to a post before that comment was even made and I also made this post and later got a notification that it was replied to also happened earlier today
  6. chesse20

    where's operation phenoix

    dragoneer or any of the fa krew have given us any wips of the site update they have been working on. do you think it has been canceled or what because I have no clue what's going on with the thing
  7. chesse20

    Submission Problem: how do I report someone

    there's this guy uploading random art he saw on the internet of Balto and I can't stop it
  8. chesse20

    make it so I can follow artists sfw art only

    it's messed up that there's a lot of artists that do good sfw stuff that I can't watch because their gay or into some weird ass fetish artand I don't want gay porn or hyper diaper scat porn filling up my submission box. no wonder ppl make sfw and nsfw accounts separately sometimes
  9. chesse20

    make dragoneer show us screenshots of operation phenoix

    we haven't heard anything of operation phenoix for a while now and we deserve [wip] stuff to make sure dragoneer is actually working on it. No updates have been given on the fa front page as to the status of the project which is worrisome.
  10. chesse20


    Mature adult and general are turntable off or on while browsing so u can now just search adult if u want porn
  11. chesse20

    pewdiepie get roasted

    http://youtu.be/U3owSvAR0tM include cool dudes such as 3pac, Dillion the hacker, and BGKUMBI (the guy I named my fursona after)
  12. chesse20

    The banned tournament (forum metagame)

    Once a year we get to nominate banned forum posters for the title "forum martyr " and we vote for the one we want to unban
  13. chesse20

    Leaked star wars episode 7 footage

    http://youtu.be/evHcGb-Rxow apirl fools
  14. chesse20

    The future of art

    Art is expensive and has been for who knows how long. I predict that art will become cheaper due to, ai. Ai will be able to be fed pieces of artwork, analyze them, and then have the ability to reproduce the art style of the works , and create art in the artists style. I read a lot of science...
  15. chesse20

    split vore (adult) into gential insertion and vore(adult)

    I want to be able to look at adult vore without having to look at people shoving other people in their penis(es) and/or vagina(s) cock vore is GROSS
  16. chesse20

    start practicing drawing dragons you artists out there

    There's going to be a new "how to train your dragon movie" coming out which can only mean one thing (it's that ppl r going to want to buy adult art of their fursonas doing things that involve dragons from the movie) so ur probably going to get dragon commisons preety soon so u should make...
  17. chesse20

    can non humans have fetishes?

    My dog licks my feet a lot and also whenever I go pee will run into the bathroom and look in the toilet while I'm peeing can dog be foot fetishist or water sports fetishist
  18. chesse20

    If Operation Phenoix fails can dragoneer be fired

    Would be nice :cool::cool:(When are some higher quality emotes going to be added to the forum)
  19. chesse20

    How to make the sexiest liquid ever

    Add feces, blood, urine, liquid latex, stomach acid, human reproductive liquids and mix en up in a blender for a nice drink that appeals to most fetishsits drink up:cool:
  20. chesse20

    can u catch dihrea from a dog poop

    a day or two ago I picked up some nasty dog dihrea in my room and now I have dihrea conicidence? also I ate fast food twice yesterday so it could be food poisoning or someting