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  1. Deosil Fox

    Starting a story.

    Alright first off I sincerely apologize if this thread has been posted before but I am just so not amped to search through 40 pages of threads. Ok, so here is the thing I am "trying" to get my story off the ground yet I am stuck at there very beginning no less. I understand how important the...
  2. Deosil Fox

    Making a story "furry"

    Alright, so basically I was curious and I can't think of a better place to ask this question. How do you make a story furry? Is it in the descriptions of characters? The environment in which the story is told? Or is it just a basic fact that any story posted on FA is immediately thought of as...
  3. Deosil Fox

    Fur Suits? Who, what, where, why?

    Alright, I apologize if this is a topic similar to one posted in the past but, I was just curious about Fur Suits. Now of course I have not been in the FA community for very long but I see a lot of Fur Suit things. So I was just wondering, Do you have a fur suit? And if so where and or why do...
  4. Deosil Fox

    Cliché Stories?

    Heya, I was just curious about something. I wanted to ask if people still enjoy Cliché anthro stories? Like the main Character suddenly waking up on an operation table with no memories in an Anthro body etc... I personally don't mind it and since it is an easy way to start off a story many...
  5. Deosil Fox

    WTB : Avatar

    Hi there, I am not too sure how the whole commission thing works but I am currently looking for an Artist that might be able to assist me with obtaining an Avatar. As I said before I am not sure how it all works but I am willing to pay.
  6. Deosil Fox


    Well.... Hello ^^