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  1. Felicia Mertallis

    Want to drawn an orange cat? 8D

    So I finally got my character fleshed out after 4 years of trying to get him to look right. I wondered if anyone would be kind enough to draw him. He likes to longboard (skate, not surf) and.....yeah. yay. Link to reference: make a cat happy? :D
  2. Felicia Mertallis

    Anyone want to draw a cute fish?

    I have a fish character that has yet to procure any art of himself other then what I've drawn myself. I am requesting a full body drawing of him, whether thats a sketch or a colored drawing anything is appreciated and I will happily pimp you out in a journal on FA if you decide you want to draw...
  3. Felicia Mertallis

    Youtube videos in journals

    I saw someone who wasn't a mod post a video in their journal. They said it was a new feature? I haven't heard anything on FA about it so like...how do I do it?
  4. Felicia Mertallis


    So, a while back when that CSI episode came out there were shirts made http://en.wikifur.com/w/images/e/e8/Pafcon_shirt.jpg Some furry must have gotten all DIY and screen printed some up. What I a wondering is if anyone at all knows if I could still acquire one. I think they are hilarious...
  5. Felicia Mertallis

    Therian forum?

    Sorry if I can't find this shit on my own *face paw* But I was just wondering, does anybody know where to find the most popular therian forum, group or community on the web? I mean, I googled a lot of things but all I'm getting is websites that look like they were scripted in the 90s (ugh)...
  6. Felicia Mertallis

    BRAWL (video game photo project)

    so this isn't really furry related but seeing as starfox and sonic are involved i thought it would be a hit. so this awesome photographer named greg de stefano did an awesome photo shoot of what the characters from super smash brothers would look like in real life. its two parts cosplay, and...
  7. Felicia Mertallis

    Adult fursuits. (NSFW)

    As you may have heard, Noble Wolf is going to be stopping the production of fursuits and going of to college. I say awesome for him, but it makes me so sad to see the only adult fursuit artist I know stop making awesome suits. So I was wondering, do anyone else know of any other adult fursuit...
  8. Felicia Mertallis

    Printing porn?

    So, I have a adult commission that I want to print out. It is going to be large, not really huge poster sized, but bigger then a normal piece of printer paper. I am wondering, before I go off and make a fool of myself, where can I get it printed? Here is the print in question. (NSFW)...
  9. Felicia Mertallis

    Dumb little question.

    Its always the little things that I never understand. -.- so i know by using :icon(insertusername): you can have a icon and the name of a person on your FA page, but due to clutter, I was wondering how you make it so just the avatar shows up and not the avatar with the username next to it...
  10. Felicia Mertallis

    I need a character sheet! (cheap?)

    So, I am going to be commissioning a fursuit soon and I have yet to acquire a character sheet! So I am wondering if anyone does cheap character sheets. Since I have looked at some of the quotes and they range from $40-60, and thats a bit much for me. I would really prefer to pay around...
  11. Felicia Mertallis

    Felicia wants fursona art.

    I only have one full picture of my fursona and I am still sort of updating her since the first commission didn't get her quite right. Will you dwaa her? /big kitten eyes/ Reference: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1775522/ What she's missing. - She's a herm! I want some kind of...
  12. Felicia Mertallis

    First convention woop woop!

    Im goin' to Further Confusion! And its my first convention ever. /party streamers go off/ :o Woop woooop. Anyway, I want to meet other artist furs at my level and engage in crappy art trades. You can find me in the artists room maybe. But I'll be wearing my fursona badge and I'm almost...
  13. Felicia Mertallis

    Felicia Mertallis!

    Name: Felicia Mertallis Age: 17 forever. Sex:Herm! :B Species: Orange house cat. Height: 5'0'' Weight: Chubby Job: Student Birthdate: Unknown Star sign: Cancer Orientation: Straight Picture: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1775522/ :o Appearance: - Hair and fur: Fur is tanish...
  14. Felicia Mertallis

    Woop woop.

    Sew, I just got back into furaffinity about a month ago after having made an account about a year ago and forgetting about it. Its convenient to have no since people from my local fur meet are on here. So hi. : D Anyway, I don't consider myself a good artist at all, and I'm pretty much fine...