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  1. Translord

    Bottom of footpaws?

    What would you recommend for the bottoms of footpaws and where am I able to order it? Most suits have rubber bottoms, don't they? I'm pretty new to fursuits. ^^;
  2. Translord

    Average Fur Length?

    I'm making my first fullsuit, and I was wondering, what is the average fur length people get for a wolf? no extra hair tufts or anything, just a basic wolf. What would you recommend? If it helps, I'm looking at Mendel.
  3. Translord

    First head help

    This is the first head I've done, and I was wondering if I could have some input into it? Do I need to exaggerate the cheeks more? (I'm going to change the ears, these aren't working too well for me.) The picture is only cell phone quality, sorry. :/ I was going to get some side-shots, but the...
  4. Translord

    Offering free colored sketches

    I'm offering some free colored sketches :) If you're interested, feel free to comment here or note me on my FA page http://www.furaffinity.net/user/translord/ Ten slots EDIT- two left!
  5. Translord

    Furries vs. Therians

    Something that has come to my attention on this forum is that there seems to be slight confusion about this topic: Furries vs. Otherkin. There seems to be thought that they're the same thing or some people just don't know what therians are, so I thought I'd explain. Here are the main points of...
  6. Translord

    Animazement 2012

    Raleigh, NC- May 25-27 if I remember correctly Well, it's an anime con, not a fur con, but I've heard lots of furs go there :3 Anyone planning on going? Hopefully I'll have my suit done by then, so I can go suiting there :3
  7. Translord


    I'm Dean, my fursona Jason, translord on FA, transmuffin on dA :) I'm not technically NEW to FA, but I have been pretty darn inactive until recently. I decided to come over here to get more into the community :) I'm currently mostly a feral artist, though I've been working (not posting though)...