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  1. Landis

    King of the Fighters 12

    http://www.gametrailers.com/player/30832.html I think it looks awesome. : O
  2. Landis


    Landis here just sayin hello. Haven't been on in awhile. Haven any questions just let em fly!!!!
  3. Landis

    Your perfect fighting force!!!!

    Orgazmo and Choda boy!!!! Deadpool the merc with a mouth!!! Doctor Grudge!!! Judge Greg Mathis serving up Black Justice!!! Cockknocker!!!! go for feeling random XD
  4. Landis

    Last movie you have seen/favorite movie?

    What was the last movie you saw and whats your favorite movie? Last seen: Dark City(pick it up for five bucks at a local dollar general and it ended up being awesome) Favorite: Equilibrium
  5. Landis

    Here comes daredevil!!!

    Hello all from a purple kitty from kentucky. I'm 23 years old and currently majoring in media production at Morehead state university. I'm a fairly friendly kitty who can be rather random at times and shy upon first glance depending on my mood. My interestes include videogames in which I like...