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  1. Caledonian

    a bit of a strange hybrid to request..

    hello folks! I've tried and tried but I can't seem to draw this myself. I want to make a kangaroo-thunderbird hybrid. and I can't. so I came here and decided to ask you! it would be great if it was anthro, but it doesn't have to be... anyone want to draw this for me? I wish I had something to...
  2. Caledonian

    draw Dalzell for me? (art of art?)

    could you please draw dalzell for me? I will draw something for you too, if you like! here's dalzell's reference his one horn is slightly larger than the other, as you can see. the difference shouldn't be as big as it looks here, though.
  3. Caledonian


    hello fella's. are there any steampunk furries around here? if so, do you suit and have an interest in steampunk, or do you dress steampunk and have an interest in furries? or neither? or both? if not, what's your opinion on steampunks? I honestly am both, but I see a great similarity in the...
  4. Caledonian

    advice on a sheep

    so I dream of a fursuit. but my sona's a sheep and I've not seen many tutorials on alike animals. do any of you have advice?
  5. Caledonian

    unusual species practice

    i'm not very good at drawing sona's yet. so I'd like to try my hand at some unusual sona's/oc's. throw them at me!
  6. Caledonian


    hello. I'm new and a bit nervous right now. I just thought to introduce myself. I'm Dalzell, Most of my intrests resolve around the celtic culture and british islands. I'm also a huge steampunk fan and Whovian! so well, ask ahead if you want to know more or anything. :? I don't know, I'd like...