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  1. Nakhi

    My Fursona Thing

    Yep, I am pretty bored right now so I did this. My fursona is based in the story I have written. Name: Nakhi Fhulsar Welhan Age: Unknown Sex: Male Species: White Tiger Height: 7'0" Weight: 280 pounds (not much fat though) Orientation: Heterosexual Nationality: Appearance: - Hair and fur: No...
  2. Nakhi

    Simple Request

    I am pretty stuck for names as I start my new set of stories. I am not saying I cannot come up with something on my own, I am just asking for a bit of help getting it started. Full credit given (Of course. I am not that much of an asshole.) for any name offered. Here is the simple basis behind...
  3. Nakhi

    Furs in Ohio?

    I have not seen to many people from Ohio (probably because everyone has locations that are not locations (like me)). Just wondering if there are any.
  4. Nakhi

    I need help

    I do not ask for help unless I really need it. I am planning on starting my first furry story. I have experience writing, but I have trouble with details and (in this case) having a good variety of species. Not only that, but I do not have any ideas. EDIT: I prefer stories about war, diplomacy...
  5. Nakhi

    I'm Nouyorus

    The name comes from a character in my story. I joined onto the forums as a place to meet people, and hopefully make a couple friends. Just send me a message, I will respond ASAP.
  6. Nakhi

    New Writer

    I am somewhat new to the site, but new to the forums. I write stories, but nothing furry because I am no good at that, yet. The story I do have up is my favorite, and I have been working on it for three years. But is this about my story? No. I would like to make friends, but I will not work...