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  1. crispyshrimp

    Is this unreasonable?

    I am/feel like I am still relatively new to doing commission work, and I find I am having a hard time attracting people. I am finding myself wondering if I have been asking for too much for my work. If you could offer some insight I would really appreciate it- I just want to make sure that I am...
  2. crispyshrimp

    Animated Icon

    I feel like doing one, and I thought I would offer to do one for someone else. Just post a reference of a character you would like one of and if you have an idea as to what you want the SIMPLE animation to be, and I'll choose whatever catches my fancy- which means this is not first come first...
  3. crispyshrimp

    Mimi's Commission Thread 2012

    I am also offering $8 ponies, and $30+ badges! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! I know it says to note me over at deviantart, but I will take commissions on this thread as well. You may also note my FA account as well if desired, I check everything pretty regularly. Slots: 1...
  4. crispyshrimp

    Lookin' to commission you.

    HEY so I know we just met and this is crazy but I never commissioned anything ever and would like to try. Will be of this character: http://deathxsurvey.deviantart.com/gallery/36497718 I am not looking for anything in particular and plan on spending $10-$15 on whatever it may be. I pay with...
  5. crispyshrimp

    $5 Adoptables

    Designs for sale! All designs are going for $5 each- I accept paypal. Upon receiving payment I will send you the larger-size version of your adoptable without the watermark to do with as you please. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. I will let hold your place for up to five days, and if I do not...