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  1. Baby Giraffe

    Minecraft skin needed (MLP)

    Looking for a custom Minecraft skin of my pony character http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7472425 Contact me via IM on my FA account please! http://www.furaffinity.net/user/seragon/
  2. Baby Giraffe

    Wanted - Romantic Scene for mate as early B-day Gift.

    ((CHOSEN TO HIRE TORANEKO. THANKS FOR LOOKING AT MY ADD :D )) I hope he doesn't see this o.=.o But I need a picture of my mate and I drawn as an early b-day present while I still have money XD It will be clean; of me, a dragon, and him, a wolf, sitting under a tree having a picnic. My price...
  3. Baby Giraffe

    King Richard's Faire!

    Ok. I wasn't sure where to put this, It isn't furry related and isn't a con so I figured it should go here. If anyone lives in New England then they probubly know what King Richard's Faire is. Its a mid-evil faire held is Mass. I just went last week end for the second time! Its awsome, I...
  4. Baby Giraffe

    Any one else a Blacksmith here?

    Ya ya. I'm a Blacksmith, ground level novice though, and I was wondering if anyone else was one here. I made my own forge from a little 70 AMP stick welder I got at walmart and scrap from the local junk yard. Forge...
  5. Baby Giraffe

    Choose your exicution!!

    Right! So you have been convicted of 25 murders and proven guilty. You have been sentenced to death. But the Judge had too much to drink and is letting you decide how you'll die! You can choose ANY thing that comes to mind so long as you die some time before, during, or after and your time limit...
  6. Baby Giraffe

    I had the strangest urge recently =/ Have you had a similar urge?

    So yeah. I was watching TV as usual and a comersial for one of those dream "perfect" vacations came on. Normal yeah but then came the clip of a dolphin resting it's heads in the palms of girl and I had the sudden urge to grab a dolphin in a hug and cry my heart out over an imaginary shoulder...
  7. Baby Giraffe

    Routine check out. (Advise please, yes, I know about the critique thread.)

    Before you chew me out: I know there is a critique page but due to the lack of FA I'm going to post my story here. As soon as FA is up I'm puting up the story there. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The skinny of it. Set in modern times, a lonely cop is sent to check out a disturbence in the forest and...
  8. Baby Giraffe

    LOOK!! Another furry! :3

    Allo! Being into the furry fandom sure has it's ups and downs. Though the downs seem to be more like graves :mad:. But, it has its rewards. I find myself more of a Dragon than a furry but I still luv me a furry friend. I enjoy reading what furbashers wright as they seem more interested in...