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    Wacom Intuos problems

    Hello. I am ready to throw this piece of **** across the room. Please help me :) I bought an Intuos Art tablet a while back as people seemed to generally recommend the Intuos series. I had to return it because of the waves it put in my lines, at particular constant locations along the graphics...
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    Gimps tools without the bugs?

    Hey, I'm thinking of switching to SAI. GIMP keeps breaking and it's currently impossible to continue drawing tonight. I like SAI's quality but it doesn't have the tools that GIMP has, for example, smudge has been perfect for fur. Also free would be nice.. or at least not as expensive as SAI...
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    Just started drawing.. Yesterday I got nothing.. after my 14th or so attempt today this is all I have.. I feel like I need to start over with a tutorial or twenty but I can't find anything about where everything should be on the face and shapes and stuff. I can't do anything without straight up...
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    I need something heavier.

    Hello, I need suggestions. Favourite bands tend to be Australian hip hop. Lately however, I've felt the need for something a little bit heavy to listen to. So much of what I find though just seems over the top. So I was wondering, from people that are more into the genre, what sort of...
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    How do you draw fur?

    So I just got a graphics tablet.. I can't do fur. Slightly important thing. I'm thinking there is probably a tool in Gimp that makes this easier. This isn't about the fuzzy edges and stuff but the colouring in of like consistent colours on the body. I need a way to make it not look like just a...
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    What am I?

    I need to draw an avatar. Not a 'fursona', just a species that represents me for FAF and fuzbutt related accounts. Given my amazing qualities what is generally used? I am quiet and probably won't go out of my way to talk to someone I don't know. People generally bother me. I'm uhh, sensitive I...
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    Galaxy Note 5 flash time

    EDIT: NOTE 4. oops Hey guys, my phones laggy af at less than 2 years old. I'm going to go for flashing it. The hardware is great but this is the last Samsung I'll be buying.. I haven't been into this for too long! Is anyone else running a non standard Android ROM that is reliable.. I don't...
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    How did you "come out"?

    So there are people who can never know about me but, if a friend or someone that doesn't really matter were to ask me if I'm a furry I'd probably rather not lie or have to keep things secret - for a few reasons. So, I was wondering if anyone had any genius smart-ass replies to "are you a...
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    Any other programmers?

    I want to see what programming projects people are working on, anyone got anything on the Android app store? I need another addictive mobile game.. Totally up for general help too if you're interested. I use C# pretty much exclusively.
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    Hey :)

    Okay, been furry for a while I guess, Haven't looked at the forums until recently, kinda nervous really. Not sure how I feel really but I'm sure I'd like to meet or talk to someone similar :) I do programming in my spare time, working on a game I'll never complete, I like space, and computers...