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    Stepping down.

    Well since we have freedom of expression, I freely express my feelings about people.
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    Stepping down.

    I didn't ask you Uncia. You know my opinion on you being an admin.
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    Stepping down.

    Okay... let me get this right. We're faced with a domino effect then. This whole shit started with people uploading stuff against the ToS. Then some admins started peeing on the ToS and put Dragoneer in a difficult position, making him do the poll. T The poll turned into "Censorship" vs...
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    Saddam Hussein sentenced to hanging

    All I can say: GOOD RIDDANCE. Thank you. :)
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    Letter from 'Neer

    Back to old military trash, eh?
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    Letter from 'Neer

    Hope your move goes well. And I hope those draconic changes will cover things I ranted about so much im my LJ.
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    Filter Revision Proposal - The /AH/ Autofilter

    You know my opinion on this.
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    The Silver Screen - Winners

    Last? Maybe not... just take a long break from it. When FA saves up some money, then make a contest.
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    I saw that commercial and I have to say... Where's that big robot that's supposed to come from the sky? We see the shadow, but where is it???!!
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    The Silver Screen - Winners

    Art is not industry. You can't measure the creativity or skill in any known units with any method that will give arbitary results. Art judging is a subjective thing.
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    The Silver Screen - Winners

    If judges don't like your style, you have no hopes of winning an art contest. It's like a beauty contest. It depends mostly on the eye of beholder.
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    T-Shirt Contest Winners

    Nexus design would be hard to print. It's great as a design... but it will be a pain in the ass to print it on something.
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    The Lost Notes

    Ohnoes! All of my potential blackmail is gone!
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    Low bandwidth FA template ideas

    Go to VCL then
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    Mmmm FireFox 2.0

    Oddly enough memory leaks happened rarely in Mozilla 1.4 (pre-FF era)
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    Mmmm FireFox 2.0

    I'm getting more and more put off when it comes to FF due to it's TERRIBLE memory management.
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    United we are in Fur?

    Sometime the problem is them, sometime the problem is us...
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    United we are in Fur?

    Trust me... there's a very ugly side of the fandom that some do not wish to see or try to ignore.
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    Suule: Hey Dragoneer, what does the scouter say about this thread's power level? Dragoneer: *Takes off the scouter and crushes it in his hand* IT'S OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND! Suule: WHAT NINE THOUSAND???!!!
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    The Pity Party

    SO RONREY....