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    "Non-Human Persons" - a decleration of rights for Cetaceans

    What defines human intelligence? Nothing specifically. It's like an animal kingdom I.Q test, it only works on 1 species because it was biased before it created What defines human rights? Nothing specifically. It written to bias out humans from all other animals to give us limited liability...
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    What kinda anthros would you like to see more?

    Shit there are so many mammals out there. Flagship animals kill Also, "creative" hybrid things kill. Your not being creative, your just trying to find a way to satisfy both needs. Instead go look into the vast field of animals.. there's more mammals then the Exxon Valdez oil spill. A lot of...
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    Are humans useful to earth at all?

    Question in state : are humans useful to (the) earth at all? A: No. In fact no life is useful to the earth at all, it's just a mass of the periodic table all crunched into a sphere. All life is a parasite taking advantage of the resources this planet has. It doesn't matter. Considering 99% of...
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    Sex and furries; How did this happen?

    Amazed how fast the honest answer gets eroded in just 5 years. But anyways I know the real answer, started in around 1978 or so- imagine growing up with comic books and cartoons featuring furry/animal people characters. Now- imagine you didn't really pay attention to what they were until you...
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    How do we know we're the first sentient species on earth?

    There are other sentient species on this planet, human beings simply refuse to recognize them. Both past and present.
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    Species List Update

    While raccoon dogs are the real thing, and although tanuki is what its phonetic is in japanese. Tanuki is more commonly referred to as the mystical one who shapeshifts and whatnot. Also. FINALLY. NO MORE SHARKS IN MY CETACEAN-GENERAL.
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    Pros/Cons of your species

    Pro: I can do anything a human can plus I have a tail. fur that doesn't shed Con: none I can think off.. being a primate I am equal, Maybe discriminated because I'm black.
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    Do you think chrisitianity itself is responsible for it's decline in America?

    It's not so much the christian theology itself, rather- the mindfuck sickening plot that a couple of people have figured how to exploit out of it. You have to realize, that this is still part of the original reason people came to this country. To practice their believes- but then we...
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    The one-sided focus of 9/11 - the Twin Towers.

    The one sided focus, is the delusion. The delusion, the same government has been suppressing its people with for over 100 years now. Everything that has happened in every major war was one sided and caused from the same party of people. The bankers, guess who supplied oil to the nazi's in world...
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    New discoveries in the effects of marijuana.

    human beings are exactly how smart again? Because all this dire need to control a population with what they put in their bodies is purely fascist. Especially in America were we have the right to do whatever, or rather, we should beable to do whatever the fuck we want with our bodies - may it be...
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    What is a furry? I think that it is not you.

    I understand this completely. I too do hate that enhancement most furries guise themselves with. Were it seems they almost force you to be something other then human and your discriminated otherwise. The same people have to have reference sheets they upload, usually not drawn by them but by...
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    A world with out wolves.

    Wolves are a flagship species, so they won't go out without a civil battle. More then that they are a link that cleans out the weak in populations. If you remove the this piece of the chain, a lot more sick and weak animals will make it back into the gene pool. A great example of an extinct...
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    I love you

    I love you, is a shit stained word. A void filled with emptiness, some sort of collective need to want something. A human desire to seek something in return for a feeling. I love you- is a hollow statement that means nothing. It has no value other then face. It conjures up in most human minds...
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    Martial arts mega thread.

    I used to learn martial arts until I figured out, it's easier to absorb it by studying movements yourself then be taught them. I've absorbed practically every move I found useful, and threw away the stuff that's useless to me. Street fighter will always win.
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    Anyone else hate furries?

    Op you don't hate furries, merely the majority that have taken it hostage. From the fags who flaunt themselves with artwork whom none of it they drew to the people who wear suits all day. I miss the old days of people just posting artwork without any weirdo questions.
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    How would you describe all your beliefs in 150 words or less?

    The bible says, do not worship whom which it was to remember. Therefore the entire book is a false prophet. If you believe in that whole system, then in reality you worship Satan if you continue reading past that point. All western religion is is superficial cultism of worshiping the sun and...
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    The Bicycling Megathread: Tricyclists need not apply.

    Unicycling master race rolling through.
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    Users without avatars

    Fuck forum avatars, you have to go out of your way to find an image which you'll never be 100% happy with and end up constantly living in an endless cycle of changing it along with your train of thought.
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    Redefining Furry

    Bro, I think your putting a little too much thought on this subject. Furry shouldn't go any deeper then that it is on the outside. If you try to add filling it just will burst out the sides. There is no specific definition because it's different to everyone.
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    The Downside of Being Furry

    I have no downsides, primate master race reporting in.