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    Top 10 Bands EVER

    1. The Misfits 2. In Flames 3. The Doors 4. Anthrax 5. Skid Row 6. Alkaline Trio 7. Pink Floyd 8. Horrorpops 9. Dark Tranquility 10. Nine Inch Nails
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    WARHAMMER 40K ( Miniatures and videogames )

    Psh, screw your Tau xD My life for Aiur!
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    Yo Mama jokes

    yo mama such a skank, one time I was at a party and she was there and she walked up to me and was all "hobaby, you a sexy thang" and I was all "chyeah, wanna bang?" and she was all like "totally." So we like... went into your bedroom and did it on your bed and she was all bitchin about not...
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    Yeah, same here. I own the whole series up to Triss xD Marlfox was my fave. I like seeing a Squirrel become the new Warrior for some reason o.O I also loved The Long Patrol, Lord Brocktree, and The Pearls of Lutra
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    WARHAMMER 40K ( Miniatures and videogames )

    Dude, I hate fighting 'Nids. Black Templars ftw. Basilisks and Earth Shakers, baby. Throw in a nice Cadian IG meat shield, and it's golden. Favorite Rule in all of 40K? Trukks that are painted red go faster lmao
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    I am noobish

    Sure, hit me up sometime. Meeting new people is cool.
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    Yo Mama jokes

    You mama's just like a brick. She's dirty, flat on both sides, and always getting laid by mexicans.
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    I can do a dead on Meatwad
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    Furry Dictionary

    Shouldn't Rilvor be like... having a field day ranting about this?
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    Pakistan bans YouTube over anti-Islamic film clips

    Same Shi'ite, Different Day Perhaps my favorite Anti-Islam video on YouTube
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    The band name game!

    O.o I don't think people are getting this... Mushroomhead
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    more influencal? Mario Vs Pong

    Mario But personally, I'd rather shoot things in DOOM II. Good high game.
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    tattoos + piercings

    I kinda agree. I have plans for a lot of ink I want on my body, but I'm hardly going to draw all of it. Things like the Misfits Fiend Skull. The Misfits have been my favorite band for ages now, and I've had the pleasure of meeting Jerry Only and seeing them live numerous times. Or the album...
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    Your Cars.

    I agree, but I bought it used. Saturns aren't too bad on gas and it was only $1200 used, which was one of the best deals at the time, so I didn't complain. It really is a piece of shit, but it still runs, has a decent amount of room and a big trunk that makes it easy to haul around amps and...
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    Your Cars.

    Saturn Ion. '02, I think. It's a piece of shit.
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    Am I alone

    I still hate clowns more. Can't fucking stand clowns. They don't scare me, but they weird me out. They look rediculous, they're too fucking happy all the time, all the bright colors, and I think they might all be alcoholics
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    The band name game!

    Dying Fetus
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    Driving and speed limits

    Only if you try and find it and put it back on while you're driving.
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    Driving and speed limits

    Or in a total twist of fate and irony, all your complaining will get you plowed by an 18-wheeler, while I barrel down my back roads laughing my arse off.
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    M:TG and Jyhad cards... over 900 each.

    Yeah. It's been a while since I've played, so I don't remember stuff. Had to look it all up and stuff >.<