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    Furry in a Closet

    Alright here's my premise do think any celebrities are closet furs if so post them. I for one think that Kanye West is a furry, there's that teddy bear costume on Late Registration and College drop out. also the promo for graduation *i think it's called that* has a college full of animal furry...
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    Furry personals lots of laughs!

    aight i had this brilliant idea for everyone to write your own personals, this of course it ment to be laughed at and possibly not taking seriously. had the idea from the personals and was thinking what a furry personals would look like .and i shall go first Single 19 old non-smoking female...
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    hey looking for a free avatar*very poor*

    aight was wondering if anyone could draw me an avatar to call my own i shall give full credit and props! my fursona is an inflatable spotted dolphin pool toy. I'm aqua blue with dark blue speckalsi would l would like if you could kinda see through her that'd be cool. oh and he's a pick yay! if...
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    Hi Phin's

    hello I wanted to see how many people have dolphin type fursona(or phinsona,wait does that make sense). I wanted toto have something different rather than a wolf(that use to be an old fursona,trust me i didn't know there were so many) and the 2nd was cheetah(that was actully kinda cool) so i...
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    Sup bithches!*hope i don't get kicked out*

    [/color][/size][/font]hey it's me aqua-chan just wanted to say hi and see if anyone would want to pal around with an inflatable dolphin girl. and yes i'm a girl. i like gaming, most music except country*eww*, anime, movies,animals, wierd stuff like eating that jelly glue that comes off of...