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    *** 2007 FurAffinity New Year Party Thread ***

    *snow'pard yawns and stretches, looking around the world; almost forgetting that it's already 10.45pm over on Chatham Island* *hastily sets up a few bottles and glasses on the bar, should any earlycomers be passing by...* (Plenty more available as required, by way of thanks for being a part...
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    Heh, heh... anyone around here like the larger RL felines? =^.o^=

    Now delurked w/human interaction at => http://www.furaffinity.net/user/shastacat/ => http://www.furaffinity.net/view/348051/ :) Worth a nose in, I think, and there's a nice open "Any questions or curiosities, send me a note!" comment, too. Jus' in case anyone might be interested and/or in the...
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    19/12/06 2030 EST : Admin database/system work

    FurAffinity is currently in Admin Only mode for database/system work. Further announcement to follow; and apologies for the lack of advance notice.
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    Site Status - Saturday 18th November / Thursday 23rd November

    Current state of play is as follows. 1. Speed At present, during weekdays FA should be operating fairly normally from 0300-1500 EST with a gradual slowdown to 1700 EST, then with more noticeable issues at peak time, 1800-0200 EST. It is expected that peak time today, Saturday, will commence...
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    Site Status - peak-time Wednesday 16th November

    Holding note over on the WSOD thread for now. To be updated (here) later. Regards, David.
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    Slowdown since 1445 EST today, 11/8/06

    Current slowdown does not appear to be related specifically to the FA server, so colo has been contacted. (Thanks, gushi).
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    (fyi) Posting by Myr on dA

    Just posted on dA, fyi. => http://dragonmyr.deviantart.com/ Not afraid to hide from any comments, regardless of who they're from or whether they relate to private/admin comments, in-context or out-of-context. Comments about breach of trust and general immaturity in drama-whoring are...
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    Any FA members using dial-up connections?

    Regular connection speed ~40k or under? If so, we'd like to know how well you manage to "survive" the FA experience. Thoughts, hints, tips? Judging by some recent user comments, things are "difficult" at best... = (Oh, and if anyone knows how it might be possible to get any browser software...
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    (req.) <damnstarfox20052002> - anyone know this user?

    Greets, community; Have now had a couple of concerned notes re. damnstarfox20052002. *points to current, and earlier journal today* Don't know whether any of y'all know them, but a few kind words/enquiries might not go amiss. Not sure 'bout the precise situation, unfortunately. Thanks...
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    October FA Banner Auction on Furbid

    Just one more "heads up" about Dragoneer's banner auction for October, since I think he's too shy to pimp the goods. :o => http://www.furbid.ws/cgi-bin/auction/item.pl?item=21228 "Fur Affinity is offering two guest slots to join our mascot, Fender, in FA's banner art for our October-based...
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    Server upgrade - Sept. 17th

    "The forums may experience extended downtime on Sept 17th, 2006. The server is being upgraded." ...Or so it says on the front page admin notice, anyhow. :) (Echoed here for info). = a.m. or p.m.?
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    If someone's miffed and says they're leaving...

    ... because they've broken the admittedly imperfect TOS by posting screenshots. Please do not: - post in their own journal "good riddance, no loss if you go". - reply to an /aside/ comment about the benefits of a slight degree of diplomacy with "I get my point across how I see fit." -...
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    Admin mode on june 8th 2006

    The site has been put into admin mode for security upgrade work. At present, please allow at least a few hours before earliest expected return to service. Many thanks, David/uncia
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    Revised star system on the FA fora...

    Heh. I was going to do this right at the start, but our forum post counter wasn't working. A somewhat belated, pre-emptive strike, then, if that's not a contradiction in terms. Forum stars (for those who love or hate these "status symbols") now start at 7 for newbies and decrease to 1 for...
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    re. New/returning users from Y!Gallery

    Well, in case anyone has managed to miss the news from over on Y!Gallery (posted 5/10-11) re. no longer permitting anthro/quad artwork to be posted in their main gallery, you might have noticed the extra volume of submissions over here, anyhow. Would ask if y'all could be kind enough to make...
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    Date of Birth in your Forum Profile

    I've switched on the function to display today's birthdays on the front forum screen (hey, it doesn't hurt and ppl could do with the congrats/sympathy). Can't remember whether we had DOBs in the forum profile before; but they haven't transferred across, if so. Feel free to reinput your...
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    I am a robot, I do not sleep... I am a robot, I go bleep...

    (...or +fav in this case). clipped copy of my journal entry, fyi...
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    04/21 Fri: Periodic locks of live system

    Please expect unannounced periodic locks of the live system as the UI is being updated. (apparently...)
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    Further discussion on (c)/trademark violations

    [ed. uncia2000]: copied posts from the "Report Harassment, etc." thread for any further discussions. Unfortunately I managed to delete the originals in the process of doing so. :roll: Sincere apologies for that. @Pico: I couldn't find a copy of that post you made right in the middle of me...