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    I dont post often, but feel the need to throw in my support nothing sucks more than an image that was made to be full screen for me and then has to cut off half the work I guess my rule of thumb, you can always scale lower, but you cant always scale lower
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    That Wicked Shit

    okay I just gotta ask.... wtf?
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    My friends hate furries D:

    but weird people are the coolest people and are you saying he shouldn't be friends with me! *does something crazy and weird like* (and welcome to the new people too :P)
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    were they drug addicts or people from one of those crazy countries that no one wants to live in? lol, it doesnt sound very realistic for the USA or other decent places =)
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    lets talk music

    I *LITERALLY* like every type of music... except for 2... the classic church gospel praise music and 80's metal.... I'll listen to everything from pop, to hardcore, to christian rock, to motown, or happy hard core, to classic rock (not the metal stuff that everyone my age thinks "classic...
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    Concerts ^^

    I'm a music addict.... and when I had money... I loved concerts.... but I dont have the moneys no more =( best couple shows I've seen... the skillet, seether, breaking benjermen, and three days grace show was pretty good... (old show) seeing emanuel, the early november (I think... I...
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    Are you made of Epic Fail?

    I was bored 1 minutes ago when I started reading this thread... ... now it's 2 minutes later... ...I'm still bored... and confused... I feel that this confusion has some managed to mean that I am either above the epic fail of this thread.... or I fail so badly that I'm worse then epic...
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    Naughtiest thing you've done

    mess with the best, die like the rest (ps: WIN!!!) Criminal - I use to work for the city park and rec department... as a youth supervisor... during my druggie phase... use to confiscated things and then keep half and still report the kids to the cops... Sexual - ummm.... well being...
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    yeahhhhhhh that instruction set was WAYYYYYYyyyyyyyyyy more complicated then it needed to be.... so here is an easier one 1) goto http://www.steampowered.com/v/index.php 2) download steam, install, run 3) create a new account 4) goto store 5) search for AUDIOSURF (or the demo, you can...
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    World of Warcraft

    oh come on, aggramar is where it's at :P you can still get your ass handed to you by the burning blade players in PVP, and be on a server that for the most part sucks at raiding :P
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    Slaughter Your World

    I love my undead warlocky breathern.... even though really he's more ... um... magelocky.... yeah... richard is awesome, and I wish I could name my imp "chctib elttil"
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    My mother asked me about "furry" today.

    can I choose not to be prayed for? I always find it disconcerting when someone says they will pray for me when I dont think they should. you might as well just say out loud "I'm a better person than you, but if you choose what I choose, you could be okay someday." and it that attitude that...
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    World of Warcraft

    I'm glad your alliance... burning blade always kicks the crap out of us aggy people in pvp :P probably because we are so far behind raid progression... only 1 guild with a everything cleared =(
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    Dangerouse animals can be friendly

    I heard about a guy with a pet lynx... got a little over protective of his daughter... I think it ate a dog, or a baby sitter or something, cant really remember the story, but it sounded awesome, and so I want one :P
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    Please Click My Dragons!

    where is the fun in that =( it's more fun to mess with them then just have them removed
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    Omfg <3 <3

    kerosene and fire? (slightly less toxic way to breath fire... just dont swallow, that's bad)
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    My mother asked me about "furry" today.

    wow.... okay.... *takes a few moments to try and work everything said out in head* ummmm.... skipping to the punch line first you did the right thing to the wrong person in the wrong way now, given that I'm new to general organized fandom, and still fairly new around here, and dont...
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    Braggin' rights-Screenshot or it didn't happen

    to the OP.... 4 kills with seed is easy depending on where you are, my record is much higher, but I dont think the non-elite pack in strat counts as they are all one shotable and there are like 50 of them =) and isnt that the shadowfury animation anyways? (if it is, that's more impressive :P)...
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    Guilty pleasures?

    I like your style, and I would like to add brownies and other baked goods to my list :P
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    Please Click My Dragons!

    the ends justify the means :P