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  1. Whendigo

    Limited Time! $15 + Badges!

    My DeviantArt || My FurAffinity (Click the thumbnails for larger versions.) Here are some additional samples of my work :)
  2. Whendigo

    [CLOSED] Badge with fast turn around!

    Ouch. Sorry to hear that the other artist wasn't able to complete your badge on time. If you haven't found someone yet, I would be able to complete your badge for you today. Badges in this style take 2-3 hours on average for me to finish. The cost would be $15 for a bust or $25 for a full body...
  3. Whendigo

    In Need of a Badge or two

    Hi there! I could actually create a badge of this character for you today, if you like my style. The overall price would be $25.00 for full body or $15.00 for a bust. I should mention that my badges are created digitally, so the cost of shipping would be additional, or I could send you the full...
  4. Whendigo

    Limited Time! $15 + Badges!

    Edit: Updated the pricing :)
  5. Whendigo

    Trading Illustrations/Design for Music? (For Free Content Project for Kids)

    Hey guys! I'm working on a personal project that brings free, educational content to children. For this, I'm in need of a few 30 second "theme songs", and a few re-imagined nursery rhymes or educational songs. If you can't do vocals, that's absolutely fine. I'm in need of instrumental versions...
  6. Whendigo

    Limited Time! $15 + Badges!

    PM Me || My Gallery || My DeviantArt Hey everyone! I'm offering digital AnthroCon badges to be completed by June 29th. I can also add a blink animation to these for a slight cost. I'm offering these badges in two types; A - Cartoons! $15/badge +$5/badge to add blinking animation These are...
  7. Whendigo

    Looking for a feral wolf artist. Willing to pay between 30-50 USD.

    I don't know if you're still looking, but I would be willing to offer my services; For $15 you could get a shaded sketch like this; click for larger For $25 you could get a badge or for $50 I could do a bust commission (shoulders up :) ) Here are a few samples of my detailed work; click...
  8. Whendigo

    Login/Password Problems: Unable to log in (or rest password for nearly a week)

    It's been about 3 weeks and I still cannot get into my account. Is ANYONE able to help me?
  9. Whendigo

    Login/Password Problems: Unable to log in (or rest password for nearly a week)

    Ohhhh whoever it is I hope something mildly irritating happens to them and throws off an entire Saturday afternoon >: (
  10. Whendigo

    Login/Password Problems: Unable to log in (or rest password for nearly a week)

    I've been unable to log in or have my password reset, it's been nearly a week. I have submitted a trouble ticket without response. Is there anyone who would be able to help me with this?
  11. Whendigo

    Halloween Couple Badges

    Hi there! I'd love to make your badges for you. Please let me know if my style suites you! I'm having a sale right now, $25/badge, so $50 for both. Samples: You can view more (and larger) images in My Gallery. I'd love to add a little gore to the gallery >: ) Please feel free to contact me...
  12. Whendigo

    Realistic Commission Sale

    Whendigo Commission Sale! Hey everyone! I've got a few slots open for a commission sale. I have 5 Badge slots open at $25 /piece and one full body slot open (fully color with a simple background). Samples of style; Click to enlarge! For more information you can feel free to view my...
  13. Whendigo

    Looking for high quality art. Willing to pay up to £300 ($500)

    Hi there. I'd love to work with you if you think my style fits your needs. I currently have a single slot open for an $85 full-colored piece with a simple background. My normal prices are; Badges: $35 (currently on sale for $25, limited to 5 slots though) Mini-Busts: $65 Busts: $100 + Full...
  14. Whendigo

    Looking for artists to draw my sona!

    Hey there! I'd love to work with you if my style meets what you're looking for. I'm currently running a sale as well until my slots are filled. $20 Sketches $25 Coloured Sketches Badges are $25 and in this style; For more detailed information you can see my Commission Information. Feel...
  15. Whendigo

    Whendigo's Commission Thread

    Whendigo's Commissions [Commission Status: Open] Sketches 600x800 px $25.00 USD ATC/Badges 800x600 px $35 Speed Paint 800x600 px $40 Busts Mini Portraits - 1000x1500 px Starting at $50 Full Portraits - 2500x2000 px Starting at $70 Full Body 2000x2500 px Starting at $80 Feel to...
  16. Whendigo

    Reference sheet needed, digitigrade anthro wolf (around $40 preferably)

    Hi there, I'm not sure if you're still looking, but I'd love to work with you in creating a reference sheet. I understand that accuracy in reference sheets are very important and will work with you to ensure that you don't have to send any additional notes to artists (nothing is more painful on...
  17. Whendigo

    Don't Wait Until It's Too Late! Badge Sale - $20 Beatiful, Realistic Badges.

    Why wait until the last minute to get your badge, it's convention season! I'm hosting a badge sale for realistic badges for the cut cost of only $20/badge. Badges are done in the realistic style shown below (you can see more in my gallery as well). Badges are completed at 800x600 px in portrait...
  18. Whendigo

    Looking for somone to draw my fursona

    Good afternoon. I'd be happy to work with you in creating a picture of your fursona. I work in digital realism and pride myself on my customer service and quality. I try very hard to work closely with my clients to ensure the quality of the final image. I've posted a few samples of my work...
  19. Whendigo

    Commission (Hiring) Bi-color German Shepherd Anthro

    Thank you very much! I'm having a little bit of a sale right now. Of course, if you're interested you can contact me as well. Commissions are open at the moment.
  20. Whendigo

    Commission (hiring) lynx with camera request

    Hi there! I thought I'd put up one more offer for you :) Please feel free to review my work and let me know if you're interested in working with me. I'd be happy to create the image of your lynx for you! Some samples of my work are below, but feel free to view my full gallery! Thanks for...