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    hi all if anybody watches current tv or goes on their site at current.com then please post your responses to what I have written about the fandom at http://current.com/items/90526386_w.....te-furries.htm I am hoping some of the responses will get aired or something and people will finally let go...
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    second life

    sorry if this does not go here but if anyone is looking for some SL friends I am on there as donwolfani doghouse
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    do you have your own website

    I am getting ready to place the last few touches as far as graphics on my main page over at http://h1.ripway.com/bigcountryshawn and I was wondering if anyone else has set up one that they would like checked out sometime
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    anyone rp on forums

    hey if anyone is looking to rp in a forum I have an area set up for it on my own forum and would love the chance to have one going anyway I will make sure my forum is listed in my signature as the top link after this post but just to be sure it is the one that goes to forumer
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    smash bros brawl

    ok everyone here is the thread for ssbb so feel free to trade your screenshots and stages if you have them on an sd card speaking of which I will try and get some pics and the files for my stages soon
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    greetings sentients

    greetings to all the sentient species out there and a big howl to my fellow wolves ok so now for something about myself I love anime and sxi fi, I collect fan arts of characters and shows I know, am looking for some people to be online friends, and I run my own forum over at...